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Conversation Between Sephi and Last Sinner
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  1. Sephi
    2009-03-21 16:47
    mmm not to sure, but as a BM it could be 300dps difference, though i'm survival now, quite like it to. My cat is also lvl 80 now. Not to much luck finding heroics, always LF tank and healer ~~ hope dual spec comes soon. And i hope the server won't be swarmed with terrible tanks and healers by it ^.^

    Got VH staff, don't like it very much, missing the crit from my icier thing i got from Zul'drak arena Q.

    Didn't saw any cheap bracers/legs/cloak yet. Though did saw gloves for 400~ they looked quite good, but rather save money for mount. Doing Dalaran JC and oracles JC everyday. I looked up reagents for those Titanium JC crafts, will have to check how much a dragon eye cost. And see how much profit i can get.

    Only got 2.6k gold atm. Haven't been that easy to earn money yet. Haven't had much time to do any real farming either. Been doing a bunch of heroics. Or atleast trying...

    Did my first VOA25 and 10 today. Damn that was easy!
    With my crappy gear i managed to do 2.8k dps @ voa 25, and did 2.5kdps @ voa 10 man. Last one even gave me my set pants. /flex
    Haven't been this excited about wow in awhile

    Overall, this sunday was quite good did 5 heroics, and even got a new epic pants. Hope the new patch comes wednesday. I'm tired of LF Tank and Healer in /4 or /2 ^.^ Also hope dual spec will bring more tanks and healers. And let's pray the people who respec aren't horrible at what they are suppose to do.

    missing 3k honor for PVP epic bracers, and got 300g bidded on epic gloves. Hope i get them all tomorrow ^.^
  2. Last Sinner
    2009-03-20 10:10
    Last Sinner
    I did some number comparisons today. Pet DPS is pretty significant. If your pet wasn't levelled, you're missing out on at least 300 extra DPS at 80, if not more. Not all damage meters take it into account, but if you run one yourself while instancing, it should be accurate.

    There are a few cheap epics you could buy. There are epic bracers, legs and a cloak. Each go for around 200g. (Giantmaim Bracers & Legs and Icy Strider Cloak) But then again, you're trying to save money so maybe not a good idea.

    Just realised rep rewards are shocking for Hunters...aside from the helm enhancement at EB Revered and the boots at KT exalted. Not much worth grinding for, really. Then again, they do good DPS as it is.
  3. Last Sinner
    2009-03-19 10:20
    Last Sinner
    DW, Naxx is easy enough to pug. Just read up on fights on and you'll be fine. Only Malygos is a fair challenge in the current form of the game.

    Halls of Lightning is just a very annoying is supposed to be the precursor to Ulduar. But it is just so damn annoying. It's not worth doing if you don't need loot. Halls of Stone has you legs, Violet Hold your staff and gloves, Gundrak your ring. VH is easy. Gundrak should be but some idiots can turn it into a mess. Halls of Stone is a royal pain on Heroic. The Tribunal are just ridiculous and the amount of slimes Sjonnir summons is mind-boggling.

    JC has a trinket like that? Hmm, maybe I really should make my Shaman Elemental...

    Yeah, I did Kirin Tor and Wyrmrest pretty fast on my Mage. Then I did Argent Crusade. Ebon Blade is at Reverred, eventually I'll tick it to Exalted.

    On dailies in Northrend:

    3 in Borean
    2 in Howling
    2 in Dragonblight
    3 in Sholazar (depending on which faction you chose)
    Up to 8 in Storm Peaks but all require long chains to unlock
    10 in Grizzly Hills, all PvP related
    5 in Zul'Drak
    Icecrown has a fair amount
    Wintergrasp has around 5-7

    Dalaran has Cooking and JC dailies as well as the Heroic and creep Dailies. Fishing Dailies come in next patch.
  4. Sephi
    2009-03-19 04:15
    Slightly afraid of joining a 10/25 raid group. Don't have any experience, and haven't looked in to the strategy. Donít wanna whipe a raid due to my mistakes ^.^

    As for my spec, I didnít had time to test it out yet. Yesterday I joined a HoL heroic. I found the worse DK tank as well as a terrible priest. God that run was hell. And after a 1 hour and 15min I quited and went to sleep. Tank losing aggro all the time. Even on bosses. Couldnít really test my DPS. Only did two bossesÖ

    As for JC. Iím lvling it by crafting Icy Prism and meta gems, and sometimes a rare gem. Iím making the 2% armor value, and sta metagem. reagent I need cost 30g in AH, and the meta it self sells for 70-80G. So quite good profit if I can sell it. Sold 1 so far. Got 425 JC now. Donít really need higher lvl JC atm. Going to do JC dailies to get the recipe for the epic neck/ring you mentioned. As well as dailies for Oracles.

    Think the step from 375-400 was crafting green gems from northrend. Havenít really sold any of them. But was quite cheap to craft them. Also did some rares/greens craft. Like trinket. I probably look like a noob with a Int trinket that gives me manaÖ

    As for Tabar, I wasted two heroics without a tabar until a m8 explained it. Was gathering Wyrmest rep first. Than I realize it doesnít has anything good for me. So started gathering Argent Crusade. Was also so-so rewards. Yesterday I did the Knight of Ebow chain, and unlocked the quartermaster. Will try get revered ASAP for the enchant, as well as the shoulder.

    And anime. I havenít watched anything. All WOW and no anime Will pick it up again later. Just to little time for everything when spending 45 hours @ my intership.
  5. Last Sinner
    2009-03-18 10:13
    Last Sinner
    Another thing I just remembered - Titanium Spellshock Ring and Necklace! Those you can make great money from. I bought one for my Mage and paid about 750g for it. Neck costs more from. There's only a couple of things that are 'slightly' better than maybe those are your ticket to some cash.
  6. Last Sinner
    2009-03-18 10:00
    Last Sinner
    That is awesome. That bow would have been top of your list on need. Your DPS is probably getting around levels acceptable for you to do Vault of Archavon now. Try and get into groups for the 25 and 10 player versions. Only takes a few minutes, however it can only be done when your faction has Wintergrasp.

    Yeah, Survival is highly dependent on the rotation, Cycling Serpent Sting and Explosive Shot along with fitting in Steady Shot(s) in between them. The damage boosts one gets from Serpent Sting boosting other shots as well as from proc talents and from Serpent Sting/Steady Shot glyphs makes a difference. The good news is that Survival is also the best PvP spec, so you can still grind BGs competently as well as PvE.

    Something I forgot to mention earlier was the four factions in Outland: The Kirin Tor, The Wyrmest Accord, The Argent Crusade and The Ebon Blade. At Exalted, each of them allows purchase of Epics. Some of them also sell JC patterns at lower levels of rep. So I sincerenly hope you've been wearing a tabard while doing Heroics. >< I.E. If you havent already, figure out which of the 4 you want to grind, buy their tabard, wear it. That way any Heroic you do assigns rep gained to them instead of the Northrend Alliance/Horde faction.

    Hopefully Violet Hold will bring you luck. It sucks that Emblem gear is really lacking for Hunters. >< But if VH, Gundrak and Halls of Stone get you what you need, along with VoA, maybe you could have a shot at Naxx or Malygos. But the main thing is to go at your own pace and have fun. ^^ Which it sounds like you are.

    JC - hmmm. There were certain instances that drop JC patterns off the final boss. Utgarde Pinnacle was definitely one of them. Can't remember the others off the top of my head. I think Utgarde Keep was another but not certain. Check Wowhead. As for making money from JC - Meta, Red and Orange are the best three. Also do your JC daily in Dalaran and make use of your Icy Prism cooldown. And if you know any good tips, let me know. I have a 70 Shaman with 375 JC that I want to get to 450 eventually.

    If you want to farm for your mount, clear out quests you didn't do before 80. I made 2k off of Sholazar Basin quests alone. Plus Storm Peaks has the Sons of Hodir line which leads to unlocking their rep cycle and dailies. Icecrown - I haven't had the will to do that zone. Just chills me whenever I go. Now I'm Arcane again I may have the nerve, but it's a very harsh place.

    I've done a bit of Achievement grinding lately. Managed to get the 50 pets achievement and get Stinky the Skunk (parody of Pepe le Pew form Looney Tunes, because Stinky also has a think for female black cats ^^). Also done some zerging for cash. Someone paid me 300g to zerg them through the original Stratholme last week. Today, someone gave me 150g to zerg them through Scholomance. Yesterday, someone gave me 60g just to help them do the last part of a chain which involved an elite. Keep an eye on the Trade channel - every now and then a lowbie that is either an alt and/or cashed up will want someone to make life easier for them. You can make decent money that way. However, make sure it is time effective. I think one should aim to be making at least 100g an hour, if not more like 200g.

    If you want to go after novel mounts/pets - The Oracles in Sholazar Basin have a 1% chance of giving a Green Proto Drake mount from their Mysterious Egg. That requires being Reverred with them. The final boss in Heroic Utgare Keep has a .5% chance of dropping a Blue Proto Drake. There's a very rare spawn in Storm Peaks that always drops a Time-Lost Proto Drake but it is VERY rare. If you manage to get to the timed event in Heroic Culling of Stratholme within 25 minutes and fight the Infinite Corruptor, a Bronze Drake will drop. I managed to get one a while ago, love it. But a 25 min CoT: Strath group requires people that are high dps and know what they're doing. Mistakes aren't allowed at all, nor is resting. I won't mention the other Proto-Drakes, they're too hardcore even for me. You can buy a Red Drake from Wyrmrest Accord at Exalted, but that costs 1600g.

    As for anime - to be honest, after being so enthralled by Code Geass and Minami-ke, I haven't been able to watch anything that passionately...I mean, I like Bounen no Xamdou, Daughter of Twenty Faces and Michiko no Hatchin. But not in that 'longing for the next episode, cherishing every single moment' way. I think when one watches two series consecutively that rate so highly amongst one's one tastes, the backlash is it makes it harder to enjoy anything else.
  7. Sephi
    2009-03-18 03:39
    i have been reading quite a lot on Elitejerks.

    And decided to respec to Survival. Problem was that i didn't had a pet to use than. Was using Devilsaur. And losing BM means i can't use that pet. Went to WS hoping Rak'shiri would be there. Lucky me that he was just walking there. Did a UK, and the bow and helm dropped from the last boss. Won them both. \o/

    DPS that game was around 1200-1500. But last boss fight i did, a good 1600 DPS, that with a pet that could hardly hit anything. So if i lvl my pet up, i can probably do around 2k dps, and with my new bow, i will also get a small dps boost. So think i can do around 2k dps steady atm.

    I notice survival is a bit harder to play than BM. Getting the rotation right is a bit of a pain, will also have to arrange my macro's and hotkeys. Will need some addons to monitor things like range and dot tick. Trapdancing has been quite fun though

    Got 3 epics now, belt and bow and the neck from heroism emblems. Most important now is to lvl my Jewelcrafting(420atm) and earn some money with it. I still need a epic flying mount.
  8. Last Sinner
    2009-03-15 18:38
    Last Sinner
    GRATS! ^^ And extra grats on your 1st 80 epic.

    That is actually decent DPS for a fresh 80, dude. People would not complain about that. However, Survival may help now you're 80. Still, it's up to you. The differences are huge but Survival has been acknowedlged widely as the highest DPS spec for Hunters at 80. It just throws Seprent Sting and Explosive Shot into that rotation and grants extra damage to any other shot as long as Serpent Sting is on the target.

    Dual spec will come with 3.1, along with loads of other stuff. ^^ Will be good.

    Don't push too hard, grats on finishing the grind. For a total played time, that's good.
  9. Sephi
    2009-03-15 16:42
    Finally dinged 80 after 9 days and 21 hours and 46 min

    1-60 was boring and a pain
    60-70 went by quite fast.
    70-80 felt like a eternity.

    Did 4 heroics today, even got my first epic. (belt)
    Hope i get more lucky with drops tomorrow

    Hope i can get my hunter decked out soon, and that dual spec comes soon
    So far i'm doing a measly 1.5-1.9k dps T.T That is with 3x SS 1x AS rotation. Will probably need a bit more crit and AP. So far most heroics been okish.
  10. Last Sinner
    2009-03-12 19:26
    Last Sinner
    Just vendor the stuff you can't sell. I couldn't sell a single thing I crafted from 1-350 Leatherworking. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet. TBC JC stuff just won't sell. Just get it to Northrend and you'll get money back again.

    Take your time. No rush.

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