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Conversation Between HiroInazuma and Kakashi
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  1. HiroInazuma
    2008-08-19 14:59
    Nope, first Naruto puts in a rapping black guy with white hair (Sisqo) and then Bleach puts in a Tranny fraccion
  2. Kakashi
    2008-08-19 14:47
    LOL are you joking? That sounds a bit strange...guess I'll just have to read it...
  3. HiroInazuma
    2008-08-19 14:46
    Damn IchiRukiers

    Also yeah it has been raining a bit, not that bad but I did start singing and dancing on the wet pavement and almost slipped, Sasuke got pwned by the Hachibi and he bit Karin to heal his wounds then the Hachibi retreated to go drink whiskey, btw the hachibi is a black guy with white hair and raps badly
  4. Kakashi
    2008-08-19 14:41
    IchiRuki mobsters ambushed and imprisoned me!

    Just kidding... I went travelling for a few weeks. Quite good timing to leave the country actually because it's been raining non-stop right? On top of that Bleach manga is going through suicide chapters! Gotta catch up on Naruto though, probably missed out on some interesting stuff. Also Naruto anime has finished fillers.
  5. HiroInazuma
    2008-08-19 14:36
    Hi, Kakashi what happened to you?!
  6. HiroInazuma
    2008-07-13 17:50
    It is the day today (13th of July) and Animesuki sent me an email but I couldn't type anything up because my keyboard's signal was down
  7. Kakashi
    2008-07-13 17:37
    Happy Birthday!!!

    Well I would have said happy birthday on the day if it said when on your profile. @_@
    Also it didn't show up on the bottom thing yesterday...

    Still I will spam you with rep to make up for it
  8. HiroInazuma
    2008-06-14 16:58
    lol, those damn IchiRuki supporters (no offence OD)
  9. Kakashi
    2008-06-14 16:41
    Cheers for the cookies Hiro They overode some neg rep from a vicous IchiRuki shipper who had lost the plot

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