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Conversation Between D-KLAC and KongZilla
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  1. D-KLAC
    2009-11-18 01:47
    just saw your history of made topic well if need some advice i would say just be very CREATIVE really looking me post & topic i've made on many different forums you just have so creative & thinking of something.

    besides i'm been more creative since i've watching anime.
  2. KongZilla
    2009-11-15 20:58
    I suck at starting threads/topics...

    If you look at my statistics, I have started only two topics in AnimeSuki. But don't worry about it, I will come up with a topic
  3. D-KLAC
    2009-11-14 00:29
    hello i just notice something that you have to made a qb discuss topic question?

    i know maybe you're thinking what question to ask i can wait for it.
  4. D-KLAC
    2009-11-09 22:42
    well it's going to be dub in 2010 besides here the proof

    really anything is possible in this world yet queen's blade really is like did make impossible from being a underdog, harsh reviews, etc but became the unexpected hit anime.

    really qb was like an ugly duckling that was bash for those "WHAT" but became a swan to be a real success.

    overall you have give a chance to prove there 4 real.
  5. KongZilla
    2009-11-09 02:32
    Personally, I don't think Queen's Blade will ever get a dub. Not that I have little faith in the series, though
  6. D-KLAC
    2009-11-08 23:19
    yea better one box sets with all eps of s1 with maybe all s1 ova with it?

    & how you think of dub in 2010?
  7. KongZilla
    2009-11-07 07:07

    Regarding QB, I would much prefer them to be sold in box sets personally
  8. D-KLAC
    2009-11-07 02:59
    saw pic very creative on it.

    by the way how you think qb will be in 2010 give fact i did guess right on it so how many disc will be like box-sets with one box get disc whole s1?!
  9. KongZilla
    2009-11-06 06:54
    Thanks. Since the Mai-Series (Mai-Hime/Otome) is over, I thought to myself that the username "Mai Tokiha" was getting old so I decided to change it into something more original. And since I like both King Kong and Godzilla, I decided to put the two together and thus the "KongZilla" username. In fact if you look at my profile pic you can see a model of a Kong/Godzilla hybrid of the same name! XD
  10. D-KLAC
    2009-11-05 23:32
    yea i understand.

    but i still like keep my name D-KLAC really it's part of me, my life, my creative side, my inspiration, & especially to keep remind of my GS-side with lacus cagalli.

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