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Conversation Between D-KLAC and KongZilla
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  1. KongZilla
    2009-11-04 17:33
    I'll shall to stick to KongZilla, buddy!
  2. D-KLAC
    2009-11-03 23:23
    hey unless you wanted to try combie names with those 3 into "tiffania kongzilla" hey that would be WHAT give fact of tiffania's "mamiko" on her.
  3. KongZilla
    2009-11-02 05:04
    Well, since the Mai-Series (Mai-Hime/Otome) is over I feel that the username "Mai Tokiha" is getting old so I decided to change it. And since I like both King Kong and Godzilla, I decided to change my username to "KongZilla"

    Yes, Tiffania Westwood of Zero no Tsukaima was voiced by Mamiko Noto who also voiced Tomoe of Queen's Blade!
  4. D-KLAC
    2009-11-01 23:47
    hey can i ask a question that why ya change your username?

    & by way what with the tiffania give fact it's Mamiko Noto (tomoe)?
  5. D-KLAC
    2009-10-24 23:48
    hello say new pics you add in the club & really something besides where you get these pics & i know you might more really add more pics as you want.

    by way in nov i'm going to change the club pic you know give a fresh look every month to get club updated & get more members besides have make some invite to get more members.
  6. KongZilla
    2009-10-19 05:55
    I'm currently making changes to my album but I will add more pics eventually
  7. D-KLAC
    2009-10-18 23:53
    saw those pics if your album do you want to add more in the club?
  8. KongZilla
    2009-10-14 01:40
    I already joined! And I've added some of the pictures from my QB album!
  9. D-KLAC
    2009-10-14 01:38
    sure you join anyone can join the queen's blade club besides it's ok to enter if you have QB-guts & QB-heart to enter.
  10. KongZilla
    2009-10-14 01:35
    I see... sorry to make you bring it up...

    If I were you, buddy, I'd rent an apartment to live on my own. I don't think I can live with family members who really like to mess up my life.

    I see you've created a Queen's Blade social group! Awesome! Looks like you read my mind! Can I join? I have lots of pictures in my collection to add to the group!

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