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Conversation Between lovecakecookies and Freya
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  1. lovecakecookies
    2008-09-23 20:48
    No it turned was a useless junior member.. lol.. jk
  2. Freya
    2008-09-23 20:43
    You got a +rep? Lucky lol.
  3. lovecakecookies
    2008-09-23 01:40
    YOu know everyone was high when they voted right?

    and if anyone in the show was going to be a Stoner it was going to be Rivalz man..
  4. Freya
  5. lovecakecookies
    2008-09-22 17:36
    Its ok.. don't worry about it.. thanks though
  6. Freya
    2008-09-22 16:39
    I would rep you again and again if I could but it won't let me.
  7. lovecakecookies
    2008-09-22 01:54
    You gave me a rep where I got Neg repped by a crazy Kallen hater! lol
  8. Freya
    2008-09-21 19:50
    Hmm? Don't remember lol.
  9. lovecakecookies
    2008-09-21 18:53
    Freya!! I know what post you gave me a Rep in!!! LOL.. how ironic!! You did that on purpose huh?
  10. Freya
    2008-09-15 17:20
    Haha yep. Just ask narona lol.

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