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Conversation Between sekidousai and mangalowres
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  1. sekidousai
    2008-08-06 19:12
    lols. when you wake up klashikari might be done making the Monir's avatar already ^^; now i might try making one too ^^
  2. mangalowres
    2008-08-06 19:08
    I wish I would know that too
    That would be the invention of the millennium

    I am off now 02:03 ... I feel kind of sleepy
  3. sekidousai
    2008-08-06 19:00
    Where can i get one of them phones ^^;
  4. mangalowres
    2008-08-06 18:46
    I can't post that link in the forum but I think I can post it here
    transparency problem solved
  5. mangalowres
    2008-08-06 18:09
    Thx I never thought about using the delte Button

    Ah and it would be better if you reply in my guestbook
    I don't get any messages that you replyed here

    Tttttthhhhhhxxxxx =) now it won't be a problem to add transparency anymore
  6. mangalowres
    2008-08-06 15:16
    I postetd it in my thread
  7. mangalowres
    2008-08-04 09:19
    Thx for the transparency, with my tools changing the backgroung to transparency was a crapy hard work and I failed a few times till I finally droped the hope to get it transparent

    Hmm an ergometer ... I think I have an idea for that ... but maybe it is too much for AS

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