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Conversation Between Epsilon and SweetHoney
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  1. Epsilon
    2008-07-28 10:17
    I do check occasionally ^_^
  2. SweetHoney
    2008-07-28 02:18


    Completely random but I thought I'd stop by even though I doubt you'll check this

    Oh yeah I updated my DA with a journal entry ^^;;;
  3. SweetHoney
    2008-06-30 03:49
    Oh yeah echo your e-mail is still the same?
    I'm just worried I might of done something worng and not seeing you on msn when you are on.
    Hopefully I'll talk to you soon ^__^

  4. SweetHoney
    2008-06-29 16:58
    Yeah, but it's actually a winter cold T____T
    Even if you say you fail at the character designs, you probaly do better then me
    Well I'll hopefully talk to you on msn echo ^__^
  5. Epsilon
    2008-06-29 11:15
    Summer cold??!?! sounds bad T__T I'll try and be on MSN more often, I have some character designs I have had ideas on, been trying to sketch them out T_T fail XD

    Having a good vacation I hope =3
  6. SweetHoney
    2008-06-29 08:46
    Ah thanks Echo ^^

    I'm on vacation now yay, only gots a bad cold ><. You need to get on msn some time echo I'm always checking to see if you're on so we can catch up ^__^. But you might be busy tho =/
    Anyways hopefully I'll talk to you sooner or later
  7. Epsilon
    2008-06-23 05:28
    Awesome ^_^!
    Hopefully see you on MSN sometime ^_^

    Have a good vacation and take care of yourself ^_^
  8. SweetHoney
    2008-06-23 04:57
    I'll be on vacation soon as well ^^
    I'll hopefully talk to you on msn sooner or later.
    Have nice day
  9. Epsilon
    2008-06-22 06:17
    Hey ^_^ Don't ask about the kitty-esque XD
    We've all been pretty busy, but college is finished yay!!!! vacation!!!
  10. SweetHoney
    2008-06-22 01:07
    *looks at Daves comment*

    Feeding the kitty?
    Let's feed the kitty =D
    Sorry for not being around echo ^^; Been busy and stuff.
    Hopes you are going really well

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