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Conversation Between hao-sama and The Chaos
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  1. The Chaos
    2011-02-26 11:56
    The Chaos
    they're in the guinness book of records
    I didn't know that I hope its not joke

    i remember while watching the war that he got from Akinu but I don't remember if it before or after Ace's death
  2. hao-sama
    2011-02-23 05:39
    eh, it will. they're in the guinness book of records ;D tvxq is too awesome to disappear.

    and the scar, not sure. i don't really recall him getting that large of a damage from his encounter with akainu.
  3. The Chaos
    2011-02-22 06:39
    The Chaos
    hehe ..I hope it live on forever ^^
    and there news they are doing another songs now you know anything about ?

    luffy scar was from Akinu before the two years .right?
    its time for Nakama to grow older now so there must be some change ...I hope at least usopp recover fully from his illness
  4. hao-sama
    2011-02-19 19:45
    yeah. at least the name tvxq lives on.

    zoro's glare is awesome. i like it when he scares people using that lol. still not used to the big scar of luffy's chest. plus his weird long sleeved shirt.
  5. The Chaos
    2011-02-19 11:58
    The Chaos

    yeah that great they are back and its seem the boys are happy to return to the stage to sing again
    I'm glad to see all DBSK active again even they are not together ^^

    hehe..I remember seeing Zoro glare in Arabasta ..its was scary
    the anime arc will finish soon so we will see their new look in animation

    I agree..talking about these two in one conversation make happy as well
  6. hao-sama
    2011-02-16 05:04
    i know. but at least they're back .

    changmin's awesome at tongue twisters. i remember seeing a subbed audio of changmin speaking one. but yeah, the boys are osm no matter what language they use. or not. their english is horrible lol

    still... the glare... anyways, theire reputation precedes them so i think they wouldn't have a problem scaring people off lol. franky's super that way. i just don't like his arms.

    anyways, osm conversation. one piece + dbsk == EPICNESS OVER 9000
  7. The Chaos
    2011-02-15 05:56
    The Chaos
    SM don't take care of our boys poor guys they travel between Korean and Japan almost every day

    lol..funny thing I was re-watching yesterday Dangerous Love (4 time ) and Changmin was talk about his tongue twisters I saw the Japanese version and Changmin really fit in both Korean and Japanese versions and I loved Yunho voice in the Jap ver

    Zoro enmeies will be more scared now with his one eys I liked Franky old look with his hair but the nipple part was funny
  8. hao-sama
    2011-02-14 20:10
    oh yeah i did. changmin really does look sick there.
    changmin's rap is awesome in the jap part. he's awesome at tongue twisters so i don't expect anything less.

    anyways, i've always loved it when zoro scares off his enemies with a glare. losing one eye doesn't make his glare that effective now.
    anyways, he probably got that when he was training with mihawk. i lol'd when i saw sanji's eyebrows though. and franky's nipple lights were funny. franky looks like an overgrown gorilla though.
  9. The Chaos
    2011-02-14 08:39
    The Chaos
    did you see there last Music show "Music Core" ( I think) Changmin looked Sick in there
    I'll listen to Japanese version again ..I don't remember Max's part

    why you don't like zoro look ? he look more badass right now with one eye
    I really wanna see the story behind his eyes and yeah I agree I didn't like Sanji or Franky look too
  10. hao-sama
    2011-02-13 03:28
    lol i watch kyhd in every music show as well. also, i love changmin's rap in the japanese version. it's super clear and suuuuper fast.

    lol @ usopp's lies that becomes truths. anyway, i'm still not used to their looks, but i dislike the changes made to sanji, zoro and franky. too bad i'll never see zoro's super glare again. D:

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