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Conversation Between Ayame_ and Misa-misa
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  1. Misa-misa
    2010-09-08 21:10
    hey :3 how r u??
  2. Ayame_
    2008-11-25 11:07
    You might not be getting enough of it, i was like that yesterday, i was nodding off on the bus to work. I feel better today when i get a good 8+ hours.
  3. Misa-misa
    2008-11-24 20:58
    sorry for the late reply but i'm doing a little better. yeah, work and school are going good though i always feel sleepy.
  4. Ayame_
    2008-11-22 15:42
    I think so. Its tough though, I get distracted doing things and end up staying up late and it drains me for a while. I need a good recharge. Anyways, how are you doing then? Work and school going good?
  5. Misa-misa
    2008-11-21 18:01
    so you will be fine right?
  6. Ayame_
    2008-11-21 11:56
    Yeah I know what that is like. School and work just take it all out of me. I havent felt really good for a while. I need like 24 hours worth of sleep and that problem might be fixed
  7. Misa-misa
    2008-11-20 18:33
    Ok i guess. Always tired from school work and school.
  8. Ayame_
    2008-11-20 18:22
    Hey! Pretty good I guess, I'm being crushed by a huge weight of homework and curling, but outside of that, Im getting by. I dont think Ive talked to you ever lol. Hows things on your end?
  9. Misa-misa
    2008-11-20 13:27
    Hi!!!! how's it going?

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