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Conversation Between Crisu and Marina
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  1. Marina
    2009-01-24 19:02
    I was surprised it hadn't already been done
  2. Crisu
    2009-01-24 18:56
  3. Crisu
    2009-01-22 09:55
    The green banner is Ichigo-Sora. ^__^
  4. Marina
    2009-01-22 05:26
    Whoa, just noticed the newest isml banner, the green one. Just curious, who made it? I love it.
  5. Marina
    2009-01-20 01:11
    Yeah, I'll remember that Busy right now, but will probably make more when I need to escape from chaotic school ^_^
  6. Crisu
    2009-01-18 21:15
    Marina-san, if you're ever feeling creative, I'm always taking more submissions for ISML banners. All you've provided for us so far have been very lovely, and we thank you for your work. ^^
  7. Crisu
    2008-12-04 09:23
    Take your time. ^_^ I appreciate your hard work, so I wouldn't want you to be overly stressed. Good luck on your finals~
  8. Marina
    2008-12-04 08:42
    Would it be too late for me to submit banners after a couple of weeks? Swamped right now with the end of the semester~
  9. Marina
    2008-11-21 19:58
    I'll try a different font...minty suggested something more "cursive"
  10. Crisu
    2008-11-19 04:39
    Oh the competition was informally started about a page or two ago. KS just wanted to have a little fun I guess.

    Um, submit all banners to me. My email is so you don't have to use PMs here all the time. 1000x140 pixels then. The sooner the better. ^^; I'm not in a hurry anymore now that we have at least one to display online.

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