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Conversation Between Westlo and Kunagisa
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  1. Kunagisa
    2014-10-01 12:47
    One day after I said that Nisekoi 2 happened. BASED SHAFT #BELIEVER2014.
  2. Kunagisa
    2014-09-30 11:19
    Westlo plsssss, it's 2014 and you still believe in SHAFT ;___________;
    I am really curious on what's the hold up ... but I actually want Nisekoi s2 more than anything else from them at the moment.
  3. Westlo
    2014-09-27 04:45
    omfg I can't believe dat kizu is still not even getting a release date.

    Haruhi season 3 will come out before Kizu @ this rate
  4. Kunagisa
    2014-04-21 14:38
    Have you actually watch the live action of Log Horizon ED? It's freaking scary/hilarious. I wish I could unsee it because I can't listen to the ED without seeing those images. And I do mean spring ... woops. Looks like everything's flopping except for Love Live, though Sidonia seems to be on the rise; DON'T RESIST, TIME TO EMBRACE THE 3D OVERLORD (though to be honest, the 3D series are based on really good mangas with superb story though).

    And silly Westlo, you actually think Kizu's still coming out. *Points and laughs* Hahahahahaha ... haha ... ha /wrist
  5. Westlo
    2014-04-10 05:02
    I started reading the anime thread and saw manga readers complain about the expressions not being as good as the anime. Really there was nothing wrong with the expressions, and people forget this is also a voiced medium so you don't have to exaggerate as much. Unless a particular "Style" of expression is a calling card of sorts for a manga (like think Magi or FMA with their expressions) you don't really need to overplay such an aspect in this medium. But yeah LN/Manga fans gonna fan, always going to overact to the point where it makes actual legitimate points/times look like more usual whining.

    I'm enjoying Log Horizon, actually stopped at the same point you did when the Princess was walking down the stairs. I don't think it's an "9" quality anime but it will probably end up being a solid 7 or great 8 in my books. Also everyone seems to rave about the OP song.... but to me... it's the ED song that's takes it... I just love when anime have ending themes start up before the actual credits. Ever since Macross Plus and "after in the dark". It just really adds to certain scenes if the song suits.. I mean shit Roundabout and JoJo episode 6 is just one of the best examples of segue into the ED.

    As for sales king of... I guess you mean Spring? Really only between Mahouka and Mekaku City.... I'll go with Mekaku City... I think Mahouka gonna be SAO/Anohana levels while MC can reach nearish Madoka levels.

    Bakemonogatari still the king! Please release Kizu Shaft

    I really need to finish DRRR season 1.

    Tokyo Ghoul going to be that hyped up? lol eoten.

    Most people wouldn't even know koreans animate a lot of shit we see these days lol.
  6. Kunagisa
    2014-03-19 13:12
    If you drop by the LN thread, it's pretty much filled with complaints about how the anime didn't do some scenes justice or just plain axed etc. I read them so long ago that I don't remember all the scenes, so I find them acceptable. Just some scenes feel less epic than I'd imagine them to be personally.

    This is not to say the anime didn't do a good job, because my friend who hasn't read the novel loves the anime. How you liking Log Horizon by the way? I stopped somewhere back when the princess first appear. I felt the story's great, but reading it would seem like huge infodump that the anime presented pretty well.

    Also, any bet on the king of sales during summer? Mahouka, MC/KG, or any other contender? I'm still hoping Tokyo Ghoul would do well, too bad I don't really keep up to date with manga sales. People keep saying if it's done well it could rival Eoten (I love this name haha). I find it interesting that people credit bad animation to Korean studios in the TG thread, even though Pierrot was shafted in favor of Mir for Korra.

    PS: DRRR season 2 whattttt? Kasane prpr.
    PPS: Talk about delusional, I totally forgot that TG is not next season. Orz.
  7. Westlo
    2014-03-14 08:05
    I actually felt like watching anime the last couple of days so watched like 11 episodes of Log Horizon a couple days ago and 8 episodes of Tokyo Ravens yesterday. Tokyo Ravens is actually pretty decent, shame the first episode was kinda weak since I didn't bother to watch anymore until yesterday.

    How's the anime hold up in comparison to the light novels?
  8. Westlo
    2013-12-10 01:11
    Rinko ftw, goddamn at dem "gundams" in episode 7.

    Also waiting on the doujin where Ral was the one who beat Sei's dad at the tournament and won Rinko and sent him packing on a long trip around the world, Ral for secret last boss.
  9. Kunagisa
    2013-12-09 13:59
    >that avatar
    Hahahaha fabulous taste sir!
  10. Kunagisa
    2013-08-05 13:23
    EDIT: Dawww it's not this fall. Oh well, something to look forward to next year.

    With that out of the way... Here's a bit of fun trivia(?):
    Spoiler for Nana and Hikasa:

    Anyway, yeah I like Iwasaki's score in Crowds, here's the transformation scene at the end of episode 1 if you wanna check it out. I still like Sawano cause of AIMER's RE:I AM from UC, the lyrics are just amazing for that song. Recently, I haven't really notice his work elsewhere though. I agree on Kajiura and Katou. There's a new guy iono if you've noticed him: Fujisawa. I loved his work at LL and he's been absolutely amazing with Uchouten so far, maybe he'll get some recognition and he can show some talent with more flamboyant type of BGM.

    As for Monogatari ... maaaaayyyyyyyyyyybbbbbeeeeeeeee. I dropped almost everything from this season already, not that I dislike any of them but ... I don't really know why I dropped them. I did end up around 10 episodes of Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy and pretty much laughed my ass off while doing so (just watch like 3 minutes of this and you'll understand why).

    I like TR a lot, one of the few LNs I still bother to keep up with, but the REALLY fun and crazy stuff don't start until volume 6. Vol 1-3's probably a "B", 4+5 are shorts that I skipped, vol 6 is definitely a solid "A" in terms of just action and plot, then vol 8 is just "S" level. If the anime's one cour then it's just going to be average, will probably check out cause of 8-bit but other than that ...

    I know next to nothing about MF Bunko J's new adaptations. I read Vol 1 of Madan like 2 years ago? It was great, then next vol got insanely boring that I dropped a chapter in or something. Rest I haven't read or even heard anything about. I pretty much hate Mahouka. It's so dumb, nuclear bombs going off everywhere that don't have contamination. MC basically can do E=MC^2, and it's just too DEM/Mary Sue/Whatever-you-call-that even for me (I love DEM), and the infodumps are 100x worse than Horizon because they come out of nowhere and you're forced to read them when there are no needs.

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