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Conversation Between Westlo and Kaioshin Sama
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  1. Westlo
    2012-08-01 07:23
    Ah Kaoi, once again you show yourself to be a master of wit, not to mention someone who actually provides examples instead of being "that guy" who keeps saying he knows plenty of things who do this and that but can never provide examples.

    Keep fighting the good fight! Don't let this toxic community get you down brave soldier.

    P.S - The things I pointed out about P.A Works was mentioned in an animation thread you were posting in, it's also quite apparent from actually watching the shows. (cheap 3d background characters stick out like a sore thumb) But you know, I thought I would actually provide examples, something you never seem to do for one reason or another, all the times you post downplaying the animation quality of your fav company!
  2. Kaioshin Sama
    2012-07-31 11:26
    Kaioshin Sama
    You've graduated from being the definitive voice on sales to the definitive voice on animation quality as well I see. Congratulations, where shall I hang the certificate?
  3. Westlo
    2011-07-01 18:44
    Well your people skills aren't exactly Prince Charming either.. more like Prince Phillip... but whatever, it's done.
  4. Kaioshin Sama
    2011-07-01 18:29
    Kaioshin Sama
    I went into that thread knowing full well that I would get at least a few neg reps thrown my way for having an opinion on the matter so I don't really see cause for concern. No need to explain yourself here. You weren't the first and most likely won't be the last.

    I occasionally remove people that I no longer consider friends. You were an example of this. If I removed you following you disagreeing with me on something it was not that you disagreed with me, but the manner in which you presented said disagreement. You have a certain way with people let's just say.

    However as I said it's best not to dwell on the past.
  5. Westlo
    2011-07-01 18:10
    I have never taken anything said between us personally, in fact IIRC you got salty and unfriended us once when I "disagreed" with you on something.... so please get off the moral high ground... And no I don't really care that you did that, I just found it hilarious.

    If I had an issue with you I would've called you out for being a hypocrite with the entire character designs thing for Horizon/Gundam AGE instead of subtlety putting it out their....
  6. Kaioshin Sama
    2011-07-01 17:55
    Kaioshin Sama
    And you my friend take all this stuff way to seriously and should try to learn what I did and just chill out a bit. I'll say from experience that it improved my overall quality of life.

    Anyway I don't hold grudges from the past so trust me when I say that I don't take any of the stuff between us from this week personally nor will I in the future.
  7. Westlo
    2011-07-01 17:51
    I would be posting exactly the same thing if someone who signed up yesterday said it. You think too highly of yourself if you think otherwise.... the only difference you make is that I just wouldn't have the "lol" examples of past behavior to use lol.
  8. Kaioshin Sama
    2011-07-01 17:47
    Kaioshin Sama
    Still hatin
  9. Kaioshin Sama
    2010-07-23 21:27
    Kaioshin Sama
    Cool Thanks!
  10. Westlo
    2010-07-23 20:21
    Yes it was a very big upset, his first loss was because he stuck with his main character in a bad matchup (earlier this year he copped a lot of shit on SRK forums for switching to Sagat against a Zangief) and than run into Gamerbee's Adon who a lot of people had no idea against, American's and Japanese alike. I think his Rufus would've beat Daigo this year to considering how well Ricky Ortiz did against Daigo, Justin's is at a much higher level.

    This channel has the L.A American scene for Blazblue CS

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