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Conversation Between Westlo and cheesie
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  1. Westlo
    2010-11-05 16:18
    late reply.. but no I haven't, highly recommended I take it?
  2. cheesie
    2010-10-23 06:45
    By the way, Wes, have you read the Korean title Threads of Time? I've just got around to it out of curiosity, and... talk about intense. I wasn't expecting it to be this epic as stories with modern heroes falling back in time are usually quite bland after a while, but it's actually kicking up a storm in the middle.
  3. cheesie
    2010-10-21 05:32
    *backhands the fail that is Wes's face*

    Maian was a bit draggy in the beginning, mostly due to the wuss of the male lead, but it really became intriguing when they introduced the 'hero's blood activate' arc in the tournament. I'm quite partial to that cliche, it's always entertaining, so can't wait to see some major butt-kicking. Vol 8 left off at the worst possible place, so I'll be prepared to bang my head against the desk while waiting.

    (The romance came a bit out of left field, thought the female lead deserved way better, but the male is starting to prove himself. )
  4. Westlo
    2010-10-21 04:51

    And that legend one fool.
  5. cheesie
    2010-10-20 07:15
    Did you want it? :P (Cookies!)

    And what manga?
  6. Westlo
    2010-10-20 02:34
    Star Driver song....

    and what did you end up thinking of that manga?
  7. cheesie
    2010-10-10 04:02
    beechwes, get on now, both us girls are there.
  8. Westlo
    2010-09-25 18:28
    Whine away and you should change your lines under your sig, makes no sense with your girl crush Saeko being on top of it.
  9. cheesie
    2010-09-25 02:19
    Hey did you finish Umineko ep 6 yet? I plowed through the game, and just wanted to check before I, er, spaz.
  10. Westlo
    2010-09-20 00:14
    I only read manga on my laptop and without a mouse it's horrible scrolling though it, shame since i liked what i read..

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