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Conversation Between Westlo and ani_d
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  1. ani_d
    2009-01-29 22:15
    I loved chapter 47 VK.

    Well, if you don't appreciate what they say, then kindly stay away from our club and ignore them. It's not like you're affected, right?
  2. Westlo
    2009-01-28 01:01
    Btw you should tell your clubmates in the Ranka club they look like morons using the "Die for your ship" excuse for Ranka getting voted so many times in the awards thread. 70-60% of the people who voted for her aren't even Macross forum regulars let alone SxA shippers.

    Or maybe you shouldn't tell them, ignorance is bliss ^_^
  3. Westlo
    2009-01-26 05:28
    *flicks through VK chap 47*

    I think I was right not to give up on Vampire Knight
  4. ani_d
    2009-01-05 17:08
    Okay, so ch. 46 is just the manga version of episode 13? :| I liked what happened in the anime than in the manga. In the manga, she really said that she loves Kaname, and she's colder to Zero. I think Zero deserved more than that so I liked that in the anime, ZeroxYuuki's relationship had more focus and Yuuki was shown to treasure her vow with Zero. You know? The "come Zero I'll wait" type of ending. Yuuki in the anime is slightly different from the Yuuki in the manga. I like the anime Yuuki better because she's not 100% Kaname-fied. IMO, the anime gave justice to the ZeroxYuuki relationship considering the amount of screentime they had together.

    And wow, you really hate Kaname. ^^ Kaname in the anime let Yuuki go back to Zero, that was a self-less act. He deserves credit. I think on some degree, Kaname and Zero both have their own share of burdens. Atleast Zero has his master and Kaien Cross to call as a family. To Kaname, the only one a pureblood like him can confide in is Yuuki. He has noone but her. The poor guy.
  5. Westlo
    2009-01-02 03:30
    I still don't see why you think Kaname is more prominent in the manga but whatever, catch up to 46 and let me know what you think, from what I've read the anime is rather different but it ends at the same place.
  6. ani_d
    2009-01-01 15:12
    "but with Macross Frontier being a draw and Akane being lollerskates my predictions are going down the drain."

    This is Westlo going bankrupt. =)

    Remember this? Scroll down the bottom.

    I told ya. ^_^

    When Yuuki and Zero talked about their vow in the end of ep 13, I thought Klan was going to pop up and go 'sore no omae no Ai ka?' lol Zero is really prominent in the anime while Kaname is in the manga. I still haven't caught up to 46 but I will soon. I love both guys so either way the LT goes is fine by me. The second season was great, it's just too bad we had to settle for the manga from here on. x_x Another D-gray man compromise.
  7. Westlo
    2008-12-20 17:12
    ehh catch up to VK manga, chapter 46 actually had a pretty major event happen in the triangle... still confident... I think... but with Macross Frontier being a draw and Akane being lollerskates my predictions are going down the drain.
  8. ani_d
    2008-12-19 04:46
    Yea, I'm watching Casshern too but kinda took a break after episode 8 because it was so gloomy. Not only is he a pimp, he's immortal and his clothes heal too together with his injuries. The story's really good though. Maybe I'll go back to watching it lol ^^ Rie Kugumiya's the only one who can do a high-pitched loli voice going "oniichan! oniichan!" that I can stand. I'll never get tired of her, she's awesome. I'm just going to pretend I never wasted my time on Akane-iro. As expected from the makers of School Days.
  9. Westlo
    2008-12-19 03:49
    Hey hey hey I don't ship that easily, I'm picky with my ships And really I've only watched 2 eps before dropping it, quoting myself from here

    Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka (2) - Gave this a chance and it just did nothing for me, dropped. 5/10

    See i picked it out to be a bad show a long time ago Yuuhi just did nothing for me and I think it's partly because I'm really started to get sick of her VA playing the same role (or a variation on one) nearly all the damn time.

    As for VK the current arc that the anime is about to finished ended in the manga about... 3 chapters back. Before the final chapter of that the author said something like this is only the halfway point and that the new bad guy will be someone we know well. Kaname fans quickly tried to pin this onto Zero which is really foolish considering the differences in how they have gone through the story and the resources each has.

    Unlike Akane....I need to watch better animes.

    Watch Casshern, he's seriously and surprisingly the biggest pimp of the season and perhaps year.... and episode 8 is so totally Macross.
  10. ani_d
    2008-12-19 03:34
    You liar, now you're a Minato shipper? Akane is bad storytelling. It totally beat Shuffle. I didn't even see it coming. There are lots of questions unanswered. x__x What a ruiner.

    So the finale of VK isn't going to be animated? Is there going to be a third season or will Guilty be the last? I might just have to revert back to reading the manga.

    And as for Nakiami and Akiyuki. Yes, they're not meant to be. They made that clear when they separated Nakiami and Akiyuki. Their Tessik journey was the only chance I was waiting for if they really were going to push those two together but alas. =__= Atleast there's good storytelling in Xam'd. Unlike Akane....I need to watch better animes.

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