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Conversation Between Westlo and fertygo
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  1. Westlo
    2013-07-07 04:32
    Aw come on, don't you want your opinion in NBAGAF to be dismissed straight away because of an anime avvie? lol.
  2. fertygo
    2013-07-04 12:53
    using anime avy on there seem no fun lol
  3. Westlo
    2013-07-03 04:19
    too lazy to pm on neogaf lol

    why no avatar! rep dem shades!
  4. Westlo
    2012-11-19 08:42
    Should bump that MAL thread and quote all the people who said it couldn't be done lol.
  5. fertygo
    2012-11-19 08:20
    Shit make me rage so hard back then, thanks god for Hanasaku Iroha.
  6. Westlo
    2012-11-19 04:28
    I was googling soranowoto art comparison pic to post in the RDG thread, your loaded example on MAL was hilarious lol.
  7. Westlo
    2012-11-18 01:22
    Thanks man.

    Also just watched JoJo ep 1, lmao when Dio kicked the shit out of the dog at the start lol, this shit is pretty damn good, gonna watch more now!
  8. fertygo
    2012-10-21 03:44
    Watch JoJo mang.. And happy birthday?
  9. fertygo
    2012-09-14 07:56
    I hope the bulls tanking tbh

    Rose - Shabazz backcourt legggoo
  10. Westlo
    2012-09-14 06:57
    I feel the bulls will still be competitive somewhat, being in the East helps too in that regard... but it would be better for the Bulls to be in the lottery, due to your Front Office and the lack of FAs willing to come to the Bulls... I think the only chance you have to team Rose with a real superstar is through the draft... Finishing as an 8th seed won't let you do that... damn Heat vs Bulls with Rose back in the lineup would be a pretty dope first round match up.. but no Asik.... I was always worried when he was in, his defense...

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