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Conversation Between Westlo and fertygo
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  1. fertygo
    2012-09-14 05:46
    Well my friend finish Muv-Luv and Alternative in just about three week with playing 3-4 hour per day. I gone further than that and venturing into the untranslated extension too lol.

    Yeah, Noah's flaw is too big to close than Ibaka's for me, Noah is defensive anchor that can't protect the rim if that make any sense.

    Being bandwagon ain't too bad though.. I wonder who that I'm gonna jump on bandwagon since Rose still out
  2. Westlo
    2012-09-14 05:32
    Holy fuck that's a lot of Muv-Luv! Guess I'll start getting it now and try and get a few hours in sometime soon. And yeah I was actually reading those pages where you were talking about Ibaka and Noah lol, man Asik always played better defense than Noah... would rather have Gibson too...

    I've only really watched Bulls vs Heat (+ a few games like Bulls vs Lakers first game last season) shit I hate how people just assume you jump on a bandwagon since Lebron.... I didn't even want him back than lol... since I was Wade > Lebron mode back than... that was so off....

    Anyway I don't really rate Noah.
  3. fertygo
    2012-09-14 05:25
    Well you can take a look to this chart.

    Basically there is 2 primary game, one is Muv-Luv which is cover (Extra and Unlimited) and the sequel Muv-Luv Alternative.

    You need to got Sumika and Meiya ending in Extra to access Unlimited, mind you Extra is goddamn boring.. I'm playing eroge and galge too, even with that standard Extra is goddamn boring... gosh.

    But you need to read it seriously for at least in your first playthrough, after that you can skipping it to the death.

    After you open Unlimited, you can go to Ayamine route too if you still want litlle more detail for later. And then goes to Unlimited, choose whoever route.. Finally you can play Alternative, and become one of us lol.

    Well I don't have much to say at NBA-GAF in offseason, although they kinda have weird reception to me after I'm saying I rather have Ibaka than Noah.. LOLOLOLOLOL

    Maybe I will post more often when season started.
  4. Westlo
    2012-09-14 05:03
    lol good shit.

    So let me see if I get this right.

    Muv Luv is normal VN for first 20 hours, if you do the correct girls (which knowing me I probably won't) you unlock Alternate? Which is like another 10 or so hours? Than the sequel is just flat out shit about the Beta?

    How's NBA-GAF treating you? And way too many posts in ANIME-GAF thread lol, lmao @ Kayos getting himself banned, that shit was hilarious.
  5. fertygo
    2012-09-14 04:55
    You know the usual place? or can access it.

    Luffy nakama bay. just enter the keyword there.
  6. Westlo
    2012-09-14 04:45
    You need to get an avatar on GAF man! Glad to see you join the forum, duckroll needs more fanboys on their lol. #Team duckroll.

    Anyway as for Muv Luv.. you know where to get the English VNs?
  7. Westlo
    2012-04-28 04:39
    haha yeah I don't like realgm at all, I just read the wiretap and sometimes look @ a few team forums. My main b-ball site is forums, it's a hiphop site but a lot of people follow b-ball obviously... and quite a few like me only post in the sports section these days.

    If you get their humor, great site, but NBA-GAF is pretty cool too, thread just moves way too fast for me... same with the anime thread... go to sleep, get back from work and like 20 new pages in anime thread somedays lol.
  8. fertygo
    2012-04-28 04:35
    Yes.. I need a place to talk about hoops too since I got banned from certain hoops forum, n signing up to RealGM is just ewwwww...

    thanks mate!
  9. Westlo
    2012-04-28 04:31
    Just sign up for GAF man, I don't think duckroll will mind lol.. maybe even ask him if he can speed your registration process up a bit. As for your tastes... honestly people of all tastes post their and most of the time people get made fun of it's more in joke stuff than anything else. Besides most of the stuff you like seems to line up with GAF regardless.

    So join up man!
  10. fertygo
    2012-04-24 08:40
    I'm only saying people should just shut up about stuff that they don't know about. (animation)

    Hyoukka animation can't compared with Lupin and Fate/Zero that someone ignorantly said have better visual than Hyoukka, F/Z/Lupin have many high shot to the face and trying to make still shot looks pretty than having many actual animation than Hyouka, thus making that kind of claim is just ignorant.

    that's all I'm said..

    Yeah even me liking both show more than Hyoukka (even on its visual) but I can't stand outrageous claim from duds that know nothing >_>

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