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Conversation Between Westlo and fertygo
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  1. Westlo
    2012-04-24 07:25
    What did you say in your post in the Hyou-ka thread that got deleted? Also I find it hilarious that people trying to downplay the animation quality of Hyou-ka are some of the same people who were praising the animation in Fate/Zero Episode 1. Which due to being an infodump (necessary though) of epic proportions had f all animation in the first place.

    It's sad when people can't give credit when it's due, how hard is it to say "Hyou-ka is an audiovisual tour de force, shame that the characters and story did nothing for me". heck even most of Neogaf was impressed by that side of Hyou-ka, and that is a tough crowd.
  2. Westlo
    2011-10-15 02:39
    Neogaf is easily the most entertaining forum to read for anime lol... and yes a lot of high level posters on that site.. I think that's the site duckroll and 7th post the most in regards to anime, far more than A-S anyway.

    As for how they seem to hate everything.. well the current thread title shows that too lol... they all pretty much like Penguin Drum, a lot of positive things for the start of Idolmaster and Guilty Crown as well as Chihayafuru got lots of props.

    You should see the Horizon discussion, pretty funny lol. Their bingo chart for their threads are pretty funny too lol, <3 the Charlotte part
  3. fertygo
    2011-10-14 16:39
    Random shoutout.. But I'm gotta say it.
    I'm just can't believe what I see in GAF's anime thread, never really check it out until now but wow its completely different in there even compared to /a/ and co. is there actually title they even liked? lol very surprising read.. some poster seems have very high power level though.
  4. fertygo
    2011-06-02 07:26
    Hi Westlo... Bleh this is so awkward, just wanna have a little discussion, been reading your post in everywhere around the net lol

    Gah, I'm sucks at this. Anyway, How you view the comparison between T&B and Star Driver from its success respective?

    Both are Original anime that involving a lot high profile Animator in each episode n let them expressing their style in Sakuga and also try introducing many interesting character as its sell point.

    But now its seems T&B got a lot more success, its fairly surprising due its seems BONES has a lot more hope and (I assume) give a lot more resource in Star Driver than Sunrise do with T&B, Star Driver slotted at Nichigo and hire much more profilic seiyuu but still not getting the success that they hoping (also just my assumption, yes SD not selling badly but I suppose BONES hoping to score such a mega hit like Geass) Its the exact opposite with Sunrise expectation to T&B.

    What your say about this?


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