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Conversation Between Nabiki Asakura and ~Ayane~
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  1. Nabiki Asakura
    2010-10-30 17:28
    Nabiki Asakura
    this group
    I guess they're not newbies, but I'm downloading one of their chapters just to know...
  2. ~Ayane~
    2010-10-30 13:56
    are you kidding me? who thinks you are not skilled enough? ive never seen reaction like that, you guys are awesome at what you do, dont listen to some frustrated losers D;
    well.. whats that group anyway, newbies?
  3. Nabiki Asakura
    2010-10-30 13:01
    Nabiki Asakura
    I guess not...
    people are really mad at us, not only because we're late with some chapters but also because they think that we aren't too skilled to translate Umineko, so I guess we shuld let another group try it, the may do a better work o3o
  4. ~Ayane~
    2010-10-30 12:55
    really, you wont be doing ep6? D:
  5. Nabiki Asakura
    2010-10-30 11:55
    Nabiki Asakura
    I guess we're k for now, there's another group taking care of episode 6, they're still thinking about make a joint project with wtdnd, but just thinking for now. I would like t take care of this episode too, but we're already too busy with the other ones @_@
  6. ~Ayane~
    2010-10-28 11:10
    sure, i bought that volume too and will scan it when it comes, okay?
    also thats great to hear about ep5. do you need people for anything else?
  7. Nabiki Asakura
    2010-10-27 00:27
    Nabiki Asakura
    The second, but she said that it's quite difficult to scan a manga, so if yu find volume 2 raws it would help a lot too.
    We've already found someone to translate episode 5 =3
  8. ~Ayane~
    2010-10-22 18:25
    oh okay. So that volume of Banquet...its the first or the second one?
    As for EP5&6...Ep5 is out today, no raws for now and ep 6 will be out on 18 November ^^
  9. Nabiki Asakura
    2010-10-18 14:53
    Nabiki Asakura
    she bought just one volume of 2 and 3, she 's still scanning the chapters. BTw, can I ask you to check if there are episode 5 and 6 raws already?o3o
  10. ~Ayane~
    2010-10-12 16:47
    oh god. I'm sorry Nabiki, i never check my page so i didnt know you asked the question. Im sorry. but that wouldnt change anything, i have Share but there is really no new Umineko chapters in there after fifth chapter of Ep3. Ive also looked for them on japanese portals with raws but its exactly the same. Ep2 chap 18 and Ep3 chp 05 are the last. It seems no Uminekotards in Japan are willing to scan this anymore and people who buy Gangans only scan other things they are interested in ;__; i know your group already partially fixed the problem and after you translate everything you have, ill try to help to get new chapters too! so um. did Tara-san buy every volume there is?

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