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Conversation Between Nabiki Asakura and momobunny
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  1. momobunny
    2009-08-15 22:11
    Awww I'm still so flattered. Thanks! X3

    I've noticed that you've kept it up for so long, and I'm so glad that you're still enjoying the set. :3
  2. Nabiki Asakura
    2009-08-15 20:53
    Nabiki Asakura
    I've just come to tell you that I've just noticed that I'm using the same sig and avie since more than 4 months...XD
    but I'm not feeling like changing, I've really loved this gif that you've made, I'm here to thank you for let me use it S2
  3. momobunny
    2008-12-31 21:25
    Ahhh well I hope you're having fun!! :3
  4. Nabiki Asakura
    2008-12-31 21:23
    Nabiki Asakura
    Ohoho, it's exactly 00:22 here in Brazil and we're in a party but I still have to say happy new year to my animesuki friends, like you, maho-chan=DDD
  5. momobunny
    2008-12-31 21:13
    Happy New Year!! Though it's like 9:13 PM where I live. =P
  6. Nabiki Asakura
    2008-12-31 20:53
    Nabiki Asakura
    Happy new year, Maho-chan!
  7. momobunny
    2008-10-01 15:19
    Oh cool, thanks! ^^
  8. Nabiki Asakura
    2008-10-01 10:47
    Nabiki Asakura
    Hi, Maho-san =D/
    I'm sending to all my friends the link to my livejournal ( i created it recently, so there's a lot of people who does not know that i have one XD)

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