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Conversation Between Nabiki Asakura and gigaloki
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  1. gigaloki
    2011-06-30 02:06
    onee~ long time no see
  2. gigaloki
    2010-08-05 22:14
    nabiki nee-sama... genki desu?
  3. Nabiki Asakura
    2009-12-26 19:02
    Nabiki Asakura
    Yes, it's over XD
    Well, no one knows beato's secret, the episode 5 don't say anything about it too, we will need to wait until episode 8
  4. gigaloki
    2009-12-26 17:54
    ne.. its over? i dont get i thing about the anime.. i mean umineko.. just got the impression that beato might be the true mother of battler
  5. gigaloki
    2009-10-28 09:34
    miss u too... really much T_T

    btw im still updated with ur released works... gambatte onee-sama!

    Umineko really rules xD i luv it!
  6. Nabiki Asakura
    2009-10-27 09:24
    Nabiki Asakura
    Yeah, but I still prefer the manga, that's why I still work on it with so much effort S2
    Hope you're liking our work, I miss you S2
  7. gigaloki
    2009-10-27 08:56
    nyon~? u seem very busy xD

    sad to see that umineko manga is really overrun by the anime T_T
  8. gigaloki
    2009-09-24 18:03
    nyoron~ wazzup nee-san
  9. gigaloki
    2009-07-23 02:43
    Sugui!! im so honored with the credit T_T plz send my to the whole team.... more power to WTDND group KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK nipaa~!!
  10. Nabiki Asakura
    2009-07-22 00:16
    Nabiki Asakura
    I've posted something for you on WTDND site, the link is in umineko mangá topic, go check when you hav time S2
    btw, I'm traveling so probably I won't be able to enter msn until next week, but i'm still doing chepter 11

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