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Conversation Between Mirae and Eps~
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  1. Mirae
    2009-03-01 13:05
    Wow, thank you very much! I am in your debt. If you ever need anything from me, let me know. I'd make you a sig in return but my skill is shameful compared to yours. xD
    I'll give you some rep, and keep lurking your graphics ^^b thanks so much
  2. Eps~
  3. Mirae
    2009-02-27 15:26
    Just dropping a message to show my appreciation...I LOVE your graphic work.
    I play around with PS a bit myself (only program I have, I'm not too great at sigs though) and I'm blown away by your graphics. xD Your thread is very very nice. Nice job on all of them.
    I was wondering though, and sorry to bug you about this, if you still had the original file of this particular freebie you put up?
    And if so, I was wondering if I could have my name on it (without any other text)?
    Of course it's a random question and would totally understand if you were not willing to do it, as you must get questions like these daily lol.
    Hope you're well ^^v Keep making your sigs!

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