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Conversation Between Jimmy C and Nanya01
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  1. Nanya01
    2013-04-29 04:17
    Hello, Jimmy C.

    I would like you to join myself and others over on TFF. It's pretty relaxed and I would enjoy seeing you there.
  2. Nanya01
    2012-04-23 20:34
    Holy cow, I haven't seen you in forever!

    Dunno if you're still into Nanoha or not, but i do miss your reviews of my stuff.
  3. Nanya01
    2011-12-20 19:29
    Nah, what I would have liked, personally, would have been someone asking if there was something that the critter couldn't do.

    At the very least, it would have set up the possibility of this wish not feeling like it was just a giant "all just a dream" thing.
  4. Jimmy C
    2011-12-20 19:25
    Jimmy C
    Um, wishing for everything to be reset and all the bad stuff to go away could have been asked much sooner.
    Even if it took a while, it was still a smart thought when she had it. That's what Kaijo was complaining about, that's all I'm countering.
    If her wish couldn't have been granted then, but could have been granted earlier, you'd have point. As it is, better late than never. Or would you prefer she wished for something lesser and turned into a witch? We've seen those before.
  5. Nanya01
    2011-12-20 12:42
    I refuse to post in the general discussion thread as I think it's a waste of space, but...

    And for the record, Madoka's wish is at least one intelligent thought. So that blows your statement out of the water.
    Um, wishing for everything to be reset and all the bad stuff to go away could have been asked much sooner.

    I mean, if there's no limits on what Kyubeilie (However you spell it) can do, then really, a lot of the drama of the show becomes moot.

    Even DBZ had *SOME* limits to what the Dragon could do (can't bring a person back to life more than once (got thrown out with Namek), can't harm someone who's more powerful than the guy who created the Dragonballs is), but this?

    It's a lot like Tenchi and Sailor Moon with how anything can be done with ease (though in Tenchi's case, he's the avatar of the guy who created existence, and in Sailor Moon's case, well... The Silver Crystal is said to be created from God or something like that, I'd need to check the manga more).

    I really think, IMO, that Madoka really is over-hyped. I would have been more impressed if Madoka's wish at the end couldn't be granted, then it would have been interesting to see what could have happened.
  6. Nanya01
    2011-12-10 13:48

    Haven't seen you in a long while.
  7. Nanya01
    2011-08-12 05:09
    You didn't. I was just randomly messaging people.
  8. Jimmy C
    2011-08-12 05:05
    Jimmy C
    Huh? I don't recall messaging you earlier.
  9. Nanya01
    2011-08-11 14:18
    Hey, what's up?
  10. Nanya01
    2011-02-07 09:58
    Hmm... You're right about that. Okay, I can edit that, make it seem like Megane was too tired to do the teleportation herself. As for the other thing, hmm... I'll figure something out, but thanks.

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