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Conversation Between Kowai and drulo
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  1. drulo
    2012-11-11 05:23
    Well I guess there is a possibility of Guy being able to do that, but its pretty small since Madara's REALLY strong I dont think we've yet to see half of what he can do.
  2. Kowai
    2012-11-10 13:36
    IMO guy can beat Madara by going 8 gates cuz the gets don't use chakra and Madara would have been owned and sealed right now if he didn't absorb naruto's rasenshuriken after gaara pulled him out of his susanoo.

    Don't get me wrong, Madara could just drop 10 meteors and be done with it. Or 25 susano wood clones... But if its a question of does guy have the power with 8 gates to incapacitate edo-Madara long enough to be sealed, the answer is yes.

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