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Conversation Between nanafan and ReAn
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  1. nanafan
    2008-06-25 13:38
    o rly? nice i graduated in may, and now i am job hunting, nothing good so far since our economy is in the crapper.
  2. ReAn
    2008-06-24 14:10
    Yea, I'm trying to finish up my degree right now (in class as we speak ) but i've gotten back into the subbing scene, been working with Shinsen-Subs working on just about every project they have.
  3. nanafan
    2008-06-11 18:43
    yeah i kinda stopped for a while too, was swamped with crap at school, but since I graduated and don't have a job yet, I have tons of spare time.
  4. ReAn
    2008-06-10 03:32
    Not bad. Been away from asuki for a while now. Nothing compelling to post, only thing I can talk about here really is Fansubbing technical info, and most people on those boards are pricks looking to flex thier e-peen in fansubbing knowledge and just are jerks in general.
  5. nanafan
    2008-06-03 11:19
    hiya i haven't seen you in a while how u doing?

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