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Conversation Between Traece and GDiddy
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  1. Traece
    2014-03-07 00:36
    I'm pretty good! Just been pushing through school, really. Sorry I didn't catch your message sooner, but I haven't been doing anime much the last few weeks. So, thanks for welcoming me back? :P

    Actually, I have a person in my section at the student newspaper who works with, I believe she referred to them as "dying" people. Older people primarily, if I remember correctly. The short of it is, she actually reminded me of you a bit!

    How about you? How is life? Are you GDiddling along with steady time?
  2. GDiddy
    2014-02-28 20:54
    How are you?
  3. Traece
    2013-12-16 00:03
    No problem! I often feel bad for not keeping in contact with people I actually talk to on Asuki, so I figured it would be nice to talk to some people for once!

    Yeah... It's Funimation though so the dubs can't be too bad for it! Honestly, I'm only really worried about them giving Akane a bad voice. I suspect they'll have little issue finding a quality cast for the males.

    Let's see... I had started out with Strike the Blood, Kyoukai no Kanata, Tokyo Ravens, Log Horizon, Unbreakable Machine-Dolls, and Valvrave S2 (unfortunately...). Right I haven't watched anything since, like, the fourth episodes of the season. I still want to finish Unbreakable Machine-Dolls and Valvrave, and maybe Kyoukai no Kanata. Everything else is kind of, well, if I can bring myself to do so.
  4. GDiddy
    2013-12-15 22:49
    aww thanks!

    On the bright side, I think Psycho Pass is coming out in March. I hope the dub doesn't suck, since it's one of the few shows that I seriously would like to get on dvd.

    Have you watched anything from the fall? I started out watching a bunch but Diabolik Lovers is seriously uncomfortable and Samurai Flamenco just went batshit insane. Now it's only Beyond the Boundary, Kyousogaiga and Tokyo Ravens.
  5. Traece
    2013-12-15 22:10
    Hah. Mine dips and wanes a lot. Eventually I'll get back to enjoying a bit, but this year there just wasn't much that really impressed me, and the shows that did were comedies. So alas, I'm still waiting for Psycho Pass.

    Sorry to hear it's been stressful! Hopefully the people you're caring for aren't giving you too much grief over the holidays. With any luck things will go well in and around Christmas and you can get some effective de-stressing.
  6. GDiddy
    2013-12-15 20:42
    Nah. I can't even be bothered to watch the shows I do watch on time. I think my interest in anime is starting to finally fade out....

    I've been okay. Thanksgiving was nice and the holidays are a little stressful this year, since I have to work.....but I"m off afterwards so it's all good. Money's a little tight though but I survive.
  7. Traece
    2013-12-15 02:04
    So I somehow ended up not watching anime for the last, like, five weeks or so. Is it just me or was it really easy to completely procrastinate watching this season?

    Also how has life been? Good Thanksgiving, prospectively good holidays?
  8. GDiddy
    2013-10-21 10:49
    Forgot to mention...I am in LOVE with Kyouso Giga. So...awesome and weird.
  9. GDiddy
    2013-10-21 10:45
    I saw art of it and all I kept thinking was 'Rozen Maiden Ripoff."

    I swore I wasn't going to watch so many shows this season, but yet I"m up to like...five However, I think I'm going to drop/put on hold one or two.

    Kill la Kill, Galileo Donna and Tokyo Ravens are turning out to be better than expected. Meganebu would be better in five-fifteen minute spurts.

    But so far, I'm in love with Beyond the Boundary and Gingitsune.
  10. Traece
    2013-10-21 04:00
    I have to admit that, surprisingly enough, I'm pretty in love with Machine-Dolls right now. I'm really liking the characters they have and Charl is shaping up to be my favorite heroine since Akane.

    If you haven't already you might give it a try, although it could be a bit out of your tastes.

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