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Conversation Between Traece and GDiddy
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  1. Traece
    2013-05-27 20:36
    Sorry to hear you got sick and had drama! Nice to hear that everything is better now.

    Seattle was quite a bit of fun with out rowdy newspaper group. I think I took somewhere around 300 pictures, and I also got to have crepes for the first time. Not gonna lie, if all crepes are that good I expect to consume more in my lifetime.

    I also found out that I'm to be news editor for our college paper starting next semester, which should be stressful to say the least. At least it's worth it, and gives me some slight perks.
  2. GDiddy
    2013-05-27 19:55
    I've been okay, just busy with work mostly. Some personal drama, but it's okay now. I was sick for a week with a nasty cold, but I feel better now.

    Seattle huh? Sounds like fun. And it has been too long since we've talked...

    Glad to hear everything's well though.
  3. Traece
    2013-05-26 22:11
    I just got back from an enjoyable trip to Seattle! Got to have lots of fun and take lots of nice pictures.

    How are things with GDiddy? It's been quite some time since we actually talked.
  4. Traece
    2013-03-28 18:22
    Heh. Psycho-Pass was pretty good. I'm glad that show was made as well as it was. I actually really liked that the ending was far more realistic. A nice break from the usual bit of having to free society from their oppressors (and cause its inevitable destruction off screen). I think a second season would be a bad thing for the series though.

    Hopefully we'll continue to see more anime along these lines as we have been in the last few years. I really do enjoy these sorts of shows.

    Not familiar with T&B or Aoi Yori Aoshi, but I give you supreme kudos for Natsume. I do so adore that series, but I'm sure I've already said this a thousand times. Hopefully you enjoy it! I think that season had my favorite episode in it, but I'd have to look it up to make sure.

    Actually, I hadn't looked at any of the three. I haven't watched any of the Shin Megami Tensei anime adaptations, but I really should. Maybe I'll have to try Devil Survivor since it's a bit grittier. Also I wasn't able to find "Karnaval" for some reason.

    There really wasn't a whole lot I picked out from the new season to even try watching. Hopefully I missed some really good stuff and Asuki will bring it to my attention! I think the only great thing I found was the second season of OreImo. There's also a new season of Hayate no Gotoku, but it's not canon and I don't really expect it to be that great of a watch in the long run. There's also a new season of Railgun, and that could be interesting (though honestly, the only Toaru whatever I've watched IS Railgun).
  5. GDiddy
    2013-03-28 16:34
    Psycho Pass is the best thing I've seen so far this year. For reals. The only thing I'd would've liked to have seen was Akane tell off the Sibyl System for good and it feels a little trollish, but holy cow.....I'm STILL thinking of it a week later which rarely happens to me in anime...

    I'd totally would watch a second season...though having a second season might lose some of its charm.

    As for what's on my horizon....I have a backload of dvds and downloads but I keep watching new crap

    Tiger and Bunny's really good. I'm up to episode 10 on that...and the dub's pretty good as well....which is rare for Viz. Someone gave me Aoi Yori Aoshi in a trade so I got thru the first episodes on that and I bought Natsume's Book of Friends season three, which I got started.

    As for this upcoming season.....meh. So far, I'll probaly check out Arata(Mainly because I love Yu Watase), Devils Survivor(because I love the artist) and Karnaval sounds like it might be different from harem stuff.

    what do you think?
  6. Traece
    2013-03-28 00:14
    So. Psycho-Pass. What did you think?

    What anime is on your list this season? Anything I should absolutely watch?
  7. Traece
    2013-03-16 19:51
    I'm doing pretty well actually. I've been trudging along through life rather slowly and pushing out my fair share of stories for our paper.

    I also bought a camera recently! I've been taking it with me everywhere and I've actually managed to get some of my photographs in our paper as well so I'm very excited! Cameras are quite fun, and also rather complicated to use effectively. It's quite a challenge.

    How about you? How's the Diddy life?
  8. GDiddy
    2013-03-16 19:39
    Hi! How are you?
  9. Traece
    2013-02-11 21:51
    Never watched much X-Files myself. I think it was just slightly beyond my age group? Akane knocking out Makishima is my favorite anime scene in recent history.

    Congrats for starting it! Keima? What didn't you like about him? That's he's an introverted Otaku, or that he doesn't like 3D girls, or perhaps his coldness/selfishness? Keima has kind of an interesting character growth. The thing I like about his character is that he's very private, but at the same time he leaves lots of indications about how he feels. He gets more endearing as the series/manga progresses. Also, Elsie is adorable.

    Chuunibyou was very fun to watch. I really loved the plot of the show, and it was kind of funny to think back to my middleschool days and the people I was friends with and go: "Wow. It's completely true!" I also really liked the way they went back and forth with the fight scenes between reality and 8th-grader syndrome. The romance was pretty good too, and I was enjoying the series so much I kind of forgot that it was supposed to have a romance aspect (and thus drama). We need more shows like this!
  10. GDiddy
    2013-02-11 21:24
    Oh! By the way, I watched the first episode of TWOGK today.....

    I didn't like it I liked the demon girl...but I didn't really like the main character.

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