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Conversation Between Traece and GDiddy
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  1. GDiddy
    2013-01-10 21:26
    I went to film/art school. Nothing really big...just independent stuff that no one's heard of

    I'd be willing to give Case Closed a chance but isn't it like a million episodes?
  2. Traece
    2013-01-10 17:34
    A nursing home? That's actually pretty interesting, but it sounds like you do a lot of hard work. What were you a production assistant for?

    You might like Case Closed. It's almost like NCIS and other crime dramas in that it's about solving murders and such. GoSick was a very good anime, especially with the relationship between the MCs and the way they portrayed the Victorian era.

    I'm just a student right now, unfortunately. I still am blissfully youthful . I'm studying Journalism presently, and I've also been sort of working on a private pilot license for helicopters. My life is most assuredly a work in progress.
  3. GDiddy
    2013-01-10 16:49
    I actually work in a nursing home, though I've been trying to blog a lot lately. I also used to work as a production assistant, but I had a lot of family problems so I dropped out.

    I think I liked Gosick more for the romance than anything...both MCs were likable as crazy though the story was good as well. I've heard of Case Closed, but I never seen any of it. I knew someone was putting out dvds for awhile, but I think they stopped.

    What else do you do like besides anime?
  4. Traece
    2013-01-09 22:17
    Ohoho~ I really should watch more crime dramas. I don't watch either of those.

    GoSick did have a sad ending, and UN-GO for all its vagueness was a fun watch. I suspect I had just as much fun with the outfits in GoSick as everything else. As strange as it sounds, I like seeing nice dresses and other such outfits. I'm a stylish guy.

    With your enjoyment of crime dramas and your anime interests, there certainly is a clear theme! Did you watch much Case Closed then? I remember when I was younger staying up really late in the summer to watch Case Closed in the wee hours of the morning. That Conan was an interesting lad.

    As long as you don't mind me asking I'm actually a bit curious about what you do. With your cleverness and your writing skill I suspect it parallels myself a bit.
  5. GDiddy
    2013-01-09 21:49
    I loved UN GO and Gossick! Especially's not too often that some series make me cry but the ending of Gossick did.

    I'm not a fan of Bones though.... I'm more of a Law and Order/NCIS type of gal
  6. Traece
    2013-01-08 21:56
    That's a very interesting beginning! I've never actually heard anything even close to that before. How fun.

    It seems like several people on Asuki don't like mecha. I'm actually a big Gundam fan. I've seen nearly all of the Gundam anime there is, and am especially a fan of the original. Code Geass certainly is a good series. It did a lot of things right and the mecha design was actually kind of interesting up until things got weird with the flying and special mech abilities in Round 2.

    So if you like a lot of action and mystery I'm going to guess you're a fan of Bones. A lot of their work has action and the story is kept very vague and mysterious. Except Ouran, which they apparently worked on I just discovered. Have you watched UN-GO and GoSick as well?

    Nice to hear that Rozen Maiden is good. Your tastes seem to parallel mine to a degree, so I'll take your word for it! I actually first found out about the anime from the "desu" video.
  7. GDiddy
    2013-01-08 21:45
    Let's see....

    I've been probaly watching anime and reading manga for about a decade now. All because I was looking for something different to read and found a copy of Animerica magazine and decided to purchase it for the heck of it.

    My tastes? I don't really have a specific preference though the older I get, I tend to love action/mystery series and comedy the most. It's usually the art and story that attract me the most. I'm not a fan of mecha though...even though I see you have Code Geass, which is the only mecha series I really liked a lot.

    I also tend to like samurai series. My all time favorites run from Azumanga Daioh to Rurouni Kenshin to Durarara and Ouran High School Host Club.

    I've seen both series of Rozen Maiden thanks to a friend's recommendation and it's quite good. Suisekiseki though? She steals the show...
  8. Traece
    2013-01-08 21:28
    Haaaaa~ That's good. I like how you phrased that question.

    Let me see... I think a short story is in order. I spent a lot of time watching a lot of anime starting with Toonami back in the early years of the century, and then escalated around the G4/Tech TV merger when I started watching Seikai no Senki. Eventually I found my way on to Asuki mainly for its torrent links, and then naturally became a forum member!

    With that having been said, I'll watch most anything. I have a particular love for mecha, steampunk and sci-fi anime. I also like a lot of romance and comedy stuff. More than anything, as I've said before on the forum, I'm very critical of story. I'll watch just about any more serious anime as long as it has a story that's thoughtful and worth following. I enjoy seeing all of the little facets of these authored universes and how the authors fit together all of those different elements into a cohesive plot (hopefully).

    How about you? What do you like to watch and what interests you? I get the impression that you like Rozen Maiden, which is convenient because I've been thinking about picking it up.
  9. GDiddy
    2013-01-08 21:15

    Thanks for the invite. Let's have fun, ok?

    So besides, hating Bleach, what else do you like?
  10. Traece
    2013-01-08 20:08
    Ha- HA! I am first friend.

    We shall make social out of you yet!

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