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Conversation Between Traece and Chiibi
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  1. Traece
    2013-12-11 01:08
    Haha. I forget if you're a college student or not, but finals are about now in most places yes? Though work certainly gets people busy as well. I wondered why you were so non-existent though! I figured you were off Chiibiing about and causing all sorts of havoc. :P You were missed!

    If it snows, give it to me. I want all the snows! All of them. When you become less busy we should converse more too! I always feel bad for not talking to my Animesuki friends enough. Gosh I feel so antisocial on this forum...
  2. Chiibi
    2013-12-10 23:35
    Yeah, sorry about that. XD I've been trying to stay off asuki's forums because I get caught up in reading post after post after post. And I'm so busy because of the holidays that I cannot afford to do that. I shouldn't even be typing this right now.
    *type type type*'s cold and icy here. =3= lol
  3. Traece
    2013-12-09 18:24
    I think this is, to date, the most delayed response I've ever gotten for any reason.

    Well, if I ever manage to pick this season back up again I'll see about picking up Nagi no Asakura too per your recommendation!

    How have your holidays been, by the way? A bit slow over here.
  4. Chiibi
    2013-12-09 16:24
    Well, that's exactly what made ME check it out. I get tired of high school romance all the time. However, that's not the main focus. It's actually kind of a political show lol With GORGEOUS visuals.
  5. Traece
    2013-10-09 21:40
    Wasn't even on my radar. The idea seems interesting, but if I'm not mistaken that looks to be a pre-highschool romance. Not really my cup of tea. If it's to die for, let me know.

    So far the only anime that has really impressed me thus far is Kyoukai no Kanata. This season leaves much to be desired.

    Chocolate you say?
  6. Chiibi
    2013-10-09 21:25
    lol make sure it's chocolate
    I recently tried Nagi No Asukara and like it. Did you check that one out?
  7. Traece
    2013-10-07 02:59
    How to get on Chiibi's good side: Offer candy.

  8. Chiibi
    2013-10-06 22:28
    Ai's no glutton. (neither am I)
    When you give a little girl candy, she takes it.
  9. Traece
    2013-10-06 19:36
    Gluttonous, overly-energetic young girl?

    I may have to consider trying to find a new avatar soon. Celes is nice but I really just wanted Lelouch gone. He'd been there a couple years and I'd started getting my own avatars and signatures together, so I decided it was time to let him go. My signature on the other hand I adore, and despite having put together some other fun projects I just can't replace Frenda. This is what being proud of something does to you!

    Not taking interest in much this season it seems. I'm the same way though. I try to take the time to watch the pilots of anything that even remotely strikes my fancy, but this is just such a pathetic season. I hold out some hope that I'll enjoy Strike the Blood and Pupa though. At least there's good stuff ready for next year...
  10. Chiibi
    2013-10-06 18:51
    I've gotten into that habit too. I love my current one; it is

    I'm watching Little Busters Refrain. Kill la Kill and Strike the Blood....though so far, I'm not really attached to the latter two. Thank God for LB.

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