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Conversation Between Traece and Chiibi
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  1. Traece
    2013-10-05 03:41
    Hey-o. Chiibiii... So what will you be paying extra attention to this next season?

    Also, I've noticed as of late that I identify people by their avatars. It gets really confusing when I recognize writing, but don't recognize the avatar.
  2. Traece
    2013-08-17 23:42
    Well, five hours away from Otakon is still pretty good though. :P
  3. Chiibi
    2013-08-17 23:14
    Haha local my ass. XD Try a five-hour drive. Hopped a bus though.
  4. Traece
    2013-08-17 22:13
    Bah, I should. I had meant to go to my local convention this year but the event was so lacking in interesting panels that I decided not to. Maybe I'll have to go to one of the conventions that they have in Seattle one of these days. At least I could drive there!

    Still, you're quite lucky that you have nice local conventions and such!
  5. Chiibi
    2013-08-17 22:08
    I'm sorry. XD
    Go to a con!! A big one!!
  6. Traece
    2013-08-17 22:04

    I'm jealous. I would've liked to have seen one or both of them live. All I got to see were animals and geysers!
  7. Chiibi
    2013-08-17 21:50
    The only thing I'd trade Otakon for is a trip to Japan, sir.
    IT IS FUN. I saw T.M. Revolution LIVE in concert!! Wanted to see Yoko Kanno too...but I had to leave early.
  8. Traece
    2013-08-17 21:44
    Otakon? That sounds like fun. Can I trade Yellowstone for your Otakon?
  9. Chiibi
    2013-08-17 21:33
    I was at Otakon. True we got free Wi-fi at the hotel....but we all spent our down time watching DBZ Abridged.
  10. Traece
    2013-08-17 14:26
    Woah. She lives. Welcome back Chiibi!

    I was always iffy about Kaname because of his attitude, which constantly conveyed that he was some sort of scheming villain. Though once they revealed his true nature I respected him a lot more.

    When I finished the series I checked out the ending of the manga. I kind of preferred the anime's ending a bit more since it was more open-ended (and there were less furnaces).

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