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Conversation Between Traece and Freya
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  1. Traece
    2008-09-20 12:21
    Nah you don't have to.

    I was just accustomed to seeing Anya's beautiful face looking at me continously while Lelouch looks away to avoid her stare.
  2. Freya
    2008-09-19 10:18
    Rofl I guess I'll change it back after I get home.
  3. Traece
    2008-09-19 08:53
    You got rid of Anya?

    I miss her already Freya. Just want you to know.
  4. Traece
    2008-09-14 20:09

    Yugi would eat his shoes if he saw me now...

    Together they make... Lelouch Vi Britannia!
  5. Freya
    2008-09-14 20:08
    Wow.....dude you actually used that as your comment.
  6. Traece
    2008-09-14 19:50
    [Insert Shrug Here]

    Been so long I don't know or care to know. If you mean on this computer...

    This computer... I'm hoping it spontaneously combusts to give me an excuse to throw it from my window and watch it hit the back yard just for gigglez.
  7. Freya
    2008-09-14 19:49
    Whats your specs?
  8. Traece
    2008-09-14 19:44
    This signature is so old. I would've changed it a long time ago but since my good computer is like triple-wiped and broke...

    q_q I lost ALL of my images of various anime moments (Well over fifty and all good) which would be even bigger right now.

    I usually make my own signatures and avatars from those stills (they're all obviously unprofessional but I don't mind... They're mine!) but obviously I don't have them anymore and I don't think I still have the same capabilities concerning screen capping so I just decided I'd give up on that until the computer is fixed.

  9. Freya
    2008-09-14 19:41
    You need to like change your signature lol.
  10. Traece
    2008-08-30 16:31
    I mean between you and Narona. When I view your profile all I see is Narona unless I click "View Conversation."

    It's hilarious to look at 50% of a conversation in all aspects. I wonder if people who actually talk to themselves are this fun.

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