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Conversation Between Hakuryu and Suomi
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  1. Hakuryu
    2011-08-26 11:33
    Oops, I forgot to tell you I drew you a picture of Oshawott in my thread. I hope you like it. :3
  2. Suomi
    2010-12-31 10:36
    The wii version which makes it all the more fun to brush and well everything!

    well, maybe the thing isn't adorable but he is as always...hmm, wonder what it is...
    I'll just keep playing away!
  3. Hakuryu
    2010-12-31 00:25
    I know what you mean, the brush strokes are so much fun to do! Are you playing the PS2 version or the Wii version of Okami?

    You might not think that thing Ammy's climbing on is so adorable later on in the game. Don't worry though, I won't spoil it for you. X3
  4. Suomi
    2010-12-30 23:23
    It really is awesome!! ♥
    I'm still in Inner Hana Valley, taking care of the orb. (I started playing it a few days ago).
    Doing the brush things is my favorite part :3
    and by the way, Ammy and the...thing he's climbing on...look adorable!
  5. Hakuryu
    2010-12-30 23:14
    Hello my newest Okami comrade! ♥
    Glad to see that you've become a new fan of such an awesome game! ;3
  6. Suomi
    2010-12-28 12:21
    Hi Haku, since you like Okami so much (recognized it from the ava and sigs of Ammy)
    I thought I would drop by and say hello as a new fan of the game

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