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Conversation Between Hakuryu and Ledgem
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  1. Hakuryu
    2013-05-31 11:27
    Thanks Ledgem!
  2. Ledgem
    2013-05-30 12:30
    Happy birthday Haku!
  3. Hakuryu
    2011-11-22 20:23
    Aw, thanks. I appreciate the sentiment. Birthday wishes are always better late than never anyway!

    I'm well aware about Okamiden. (as expected of a crazy fan like me) I made sure to get it the same day it came out back in March.
    I think I had my hopes a little too high for it though. After seeing the artistic display that the original on the PS2 and the Wii had, the DS graphics could never live up to it. The music and story-line were well done though. If you don't mind the pixelated graphics of the DS, I still highly recommend getting it.
  4. Ledgem
    2011-11-01 21:54
    Just read Marina's message. You're 20 now? Feels surreal, indeed. How many years have we known each other now - about three or four? Man, time flies. Happy belated birthday (I'm super late with it)!

    I'm back here because someone PM'd me, and I probably will go idle for a few more months again, but... I just recently discovered that there was another Okami game released for the Nintendo DS, called Okamiden. Have you heard of it or played it? I'm trying to see if I can get a used one for fairly cheap. I've heard that it feels very similar to the original (just minus the massive world to explore). I like the prospect of that.

    Hope you're doing well - until next time, take care.
  5. Hakuryu
    2009-10-25 12:41
    I'd be happy to take your request. It sounds like a lot of fun to try and pretty challenging for me at the same time. I'll see what I can whip up for you.

    I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: thanks so much for your kind words on my art. I know I still have a long way to go and all, but knowing people like you keep track of it all and see my progress as well makes drawing all the more worth while. ^^
  6. Ledgem
    2009-10-23 18:34
    Hey Haku, it's been a while. I have a request for you (but you're free to decline it) - want to draw me a new avatar? It can be of virtually anything you like, with one caveat - whatever it is, it has to be blindfolded.

    If you're too busy or not interested, I understand and won't be disappointed or upset with you. Feel free to decline it. I just thought it might be a nice change for me and a potential challenge for you

    Your artwork is coming along quite nicely - I may not reply so frequently in your thread anymore, but I still check your thread each time a new post is made and keep up with everything!
  7. Hakuryu
    2008-12-23 11:23
    Same as Marina. I have a little something for you as well in my thread. ^^
  8. Ledgem
    2008-10-22 18:01
    Thanks for the birthday wishes Haku! I had a nice day, and I hope you did too
  9. Hakuryu
    2008-10-21 17:10
    Aww, happy birthday Ledgem. I hope you have a wonderful day. ^^
  10. Ledgem
    2008-10-15 21:40
    I mentioned it already, but I wanted to say it again: thank you for remembering my request, and for putting in the time and effort into that drawing. I truly appreciate it, and I think it looks great!

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