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Conversation Between Hakuryu and Marina
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  1. Hakuryu
    2014-06-01 21:23
    Really?? That's so nice of you! You'll probably be my first customer! ^^
    But thinking of my art on someone's wall is so embarrassing! >////<
    Now if I could the whole pricing ordeal situated, I can get started.
  2. Marina
    2014-05-31 13:39
    Ooooh! I'll be sure to have some art commissioned by you, then! I've been getting so many great pieces at Sakura-con and AX, and would love to have some by you on my wall at home ^^
  3. Hakuryu
    2014-05-30 19:06
    Glad you're still checking in here every now and then, I missed ya~ ^^
    Ooh, seems like you've been keeping pretty busy. But I hope the move went smoothly for you guys!
    I'm starting to look into setting up commissions for my art, it sure is nerve-wracking though.
  4. Marina
    2014-05-13 11:34
    Oh my goodness, Hakuryu! I'm so sorry I just now saw your message It's been forever, huh? I haven't checked AnimeSuki in ages. I hope you're doing well and working as usual on your art I'm helping my boyfriend at the moment move into the house he just bought, so things have been busy. I'm still blogging, though!
  5. Hakuryu
    2014-03-07 00:51
    *pops up out of nowhere*

    Marina-chan! How have you been? ^^
  6. Hakuryu
    2012-09-21 15:42
    Oh darn. Well, I hope he gets it!
    So far, it doesn't look like they added any new content game-play wise except for the boost in quality. All I know right now is that it'll support the PlayStation Move and you'll be able to earn trophies as you play.

    I don't own a PS3 either so I probably won't be able to play for it for quite a while. (I really need a job so I can save up!)
  7. Marina
    2012-09-20 05:10
    Aww no, I don't have a ps3; my boyfriend does. If he does get it, though, I will definitely play it! Are they adding any new content?
  8. Hakuryu
    2012-09-18 18:47
    Marina-chan, you have a PS3 right? Will you be getting Okami HD when it comes out?
  9. Hakuryu
    2012-06-29 14:11
    You're very welcome~! I got so worried I wouldn't finish it in time.
  10. Marina
    2012-06-29 01:34
    Aughhh! I love it so much!!!! They are the perfect pair ^^ Thankies Haku-chan!

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