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Conversation Between Hakuryu and UltimaWolf
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  1. UltimaWolf
    2008-12-25 06:45
    Merry Christmas!!! I hope you have a very good one.
  2. Hakuryu
    2008-10-22 17:53
    Whew, good thing I wasn't imagining that you just got it.

    I'm watching Toradora!, Tales of the Abyss, and Junjou Romantica Season 2. That's about it~
  3. UltimaWolf
    2008-10-22 17:39
    Hehe yup, Its funny and cute
    Yup I got it recently, I'm glad you notcied, Thank you!
    What shows are you watching this season?
  4. Hakuryu
    2008-10-22 15:44
    Haha, you still have that Kotomi avatar I made. xD

    Now, I don't know if it's happened recently, but congratz on your second box~
  5. UltimaWolf
    2008-10-07 04:49
    Hey Haku-chan!! Just wanted to see how you were doing? Love your new sig by the way.
  6. Hakuryu
    2008-08-26 19:44
    You're very welcome. Glad I got the timing right. ^^;
  7. UltimaWolf
    2008-08-26 19:24
    Thank you very much for the Avy Haku-chan! Just how I wanted it.
  8. Hakuryu
    2008-08-25 20:23
    Ultima-kun, I'm gonna do your avatar request again.
    But are you sure it's the 8th episode, 'cuz I can't find it. xD
  9. UltimaWolf
    2008-08-19 04:09
    Hey Haku-chan! Just seeing how you're doing.
  10. UltimaWolf
    2008-08-13 14:19
    Thank you very much Haku-chan! Its basicly Stein smiling with a cig in his mouth Its at the very very end of the episode right before the ending song.

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