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Conversation Between Kazuma77 and Kakashi
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  1. Kazuma77
    2013-08-31 16:35
    Hey. I don't know exactly what you meant by being mad as I have been away from the forum for few years. how are you?
  2. Kakashi
    2008-07-07 13:33
    Even if you're quite mad at me. I still like you so...Happy Birthday! Hope you have a nice day
  3. Kazuma77
    2008-06-29 16:30
    samo bosanci so lahko taki prasci in zahrbtneži, ni kaj, balkanska kri ...kakšno razočaranje
  4. Kazuma77
    2008-06-29 15:14
    at least something is good in this ... i got myself a flat and you promised me dinner when your exams will be over
  5. Kazuma77
    2008-06-21 14:48
    You know, there is a store near by, about 10 minutes away, where i bought it.. maybe they would give me a discount ....
  6. Kakashi
    2008-06-21 14:38
    Awww I feel sorry for you now I'm afraid it's unlikely you'll ever get it back. So many bikes get stolen here and they are hardly ever retrieved. It's so cute how much you like your bike

    I want to get it back for you!
  7. Kazuma77
    2008-06-21 13:44
    No u shouldn't laugh at this, its not funny!! i have to go on foot to work tomorrow... i really loved my bike should i reported it stolen? I have a photo of it, but it doesn't have any special features that would be different from other bikes the store where i bought it there were at least about 3 bikes that looked like mine... i loved my bike...
  8. Kakashi
    2008-06-21 12:25
    I shouldn't laugh but I did

    You should guard your bike in this country...theft is common A few years ago my mountain bike got jacked as well
  9. Kazuma77
    2008-06-21 11:22
    Someone stole my bike!!!! if i see him he is dead!!!!!
  10. Kazuma77
    2008-05-30 17:19
    i need to keep my thoughts away from shopping for now, or else..... i will bankrupt in 3 days if i will shop that way i did this week so everything i had to do, i did, i found a job, place to live, all in one day damn i am so good lol , so i am moving tomorrow, i really hope i am going to have wi-fi there because i am so addicted to much If i won't have it, i will annoy you..thats why.. phoooneee number

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