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Conversation Between monir and Rurik
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  1. Rurik
    2014-03-23 08:32
    Work Work Work, But Im pulling to become a regular once again.
  2. monir
    2014-03-23 01:42
    What's up!!!!! Where have you been? Nice to see you around nonetheless!
  3. Rurik
    2014-03-22 11:27
    Haaaaaaa At last! I was lost, but I found my way!
  4. monir
    2012-12-17 05:34
    Happy birthday, Rurik!
  5. Rurik
    2011-12-17 04:33
    No Im not! Im actually getting younger

    Thank so much for the wishes, cant believe I have been around here for so many years!
  6. monir
    2011-12-17 00:48
    Happy birthday! Man you are getting old.
  7. Rurik
    2011-08-10 13:53
    Is about the Manga, Even if I havent been reading, I do keep myself informed with Mr James Manga Chapter Thread, and I actually havent seen the Anime since the Itachi vs Sasuke fight, Ive Been doing lots stuff around with my new life in my new country, so, Im slowly coming back to the Anime universe again...
  8. monir
    2011-08-10 11:29
    What's happening dude!!!? Good to see you back. These recent spoiler you are talking about, are they from the manga or anime? The anime is currently going with those crappy filler tactics that have been commonly applied through out the series. There are some good episodes here and there, but not by many.
  9. Rurik
    2011-08-07 22:53
    Yo my man, Im sort of back, Im thinking of going back to Naruto based on some interesting recent spoilers.
  10. Rurik
    2008-12-19 12:06
    Thanks alot sir!, And Im alucky bastard that you logged in in the same day huh!!!!!!!

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