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Conversation Between monir and -Necromancer-
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  1. -Necromancer-
    2013-01-18 18:45
    Its midnight here so ill try tomorrow but thanks a lot
  2. monir
    2013-01-18 18:20
    Click this link to do some reading on how you keep your PC in optimal working condition. Also delete your cache from Chrome. Here is a how to guide.

    You can pretty much google everything to troubleshoot your problems with your PC.
  3. -Necromancer-
    2013-01-18 17:26
    I was using chrome before but now i went to the original internet and its much better and how do i run scan?
  4. monir
    2013-01-18 17:08
    Run the antivirus program in your computer. Check for trojan, viruses, malware etc that you've probably got from visiting such sites you've mentioned earlier. Also use extension such as AdBlocker for your browser. Browsing the internet is safer with such practice. If you are used to using Internet Explorer, then you should change to better browser such as Firefox, or Opera which are much more safer.
  5. -Necromancer-
    2013-01-18 16:55
    Eh really? sorry xD and im not good with technology at all :/ but this is a big com with a tonne of ram and stuff ( but only a little left i think ) but it can take almost anything really. whats your best option?
  6. monir
    2013-01-18 16:51
    Okay Necro, slow down with the thread creating cause you are still doing it wrong. There are several thread in the Manga/Novel section which answers your query. I'll try to see if I can still assist you with some your issues. How computer literate are you? Do you have antivirus tools and such in your software? Give me a general idea.

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