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Conversation Between monir and Daniel E.
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  1. monir
    2014-01-05 23:39
    Thanks Daniel. Happy new year to you buddy!!!
  2. Daniel E.
    2014-01-01 02:46
    Daniel E.
    Happy Birthday and New Year monir!
  3. Daniel E.
    2013-05-19 01:46
    Daniel E.
    I bet that bunny also eats signatures!
  4. monir
    2013-05-18 19:28
    Happy birthday, sir! How shall we celebrate this year? Why, of course, like every other year. By getting a brand new letter opening rabbit. Let the good time roll. Oh and Daniel, rabbits like carrot, btw. Carrots aren't included.

    Have a blast buddy!
  5. monir
    2012-01-02 23:50
    Thanks Daniel. Happy new year to you too buddy.
  6. Daniel E.
    2012-01-01 01:40
    Daniel E.
    Woot, Happy Birthday and Happy New Year, monir!
  7. monir
    2011-04-04 12:35
    That's it!
  8. Daniel E.
    2011-03-26 18:22
    Daniel E.
    Oh, we have talked a few times recently and now I find myself a bit uncertain about which bit in particular you are talking about.


    Oh wait, I think I just remembered.
  9. monir
    2011-03-26 03:13
    Why thank you, kind sir, for such a nice feedback!
  10. monir
    2011-01-11 12:25
    Thank you Daniel. Happy new year! The [b]bold[/u] on your name looks good on you. Welcome to the team.

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