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Conversation Between monir and CrowKenobi
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  1. monir
    2016-02-22 02:19
    Thanks Crow! Happy new year buddy.
  2. CrowKenobi
    2016-01-01 20:00
    Happy Birthday!
  3. monir
    2015-02-16 14:09
    Thanks crow! I hope new year treated you well.
  4. CrowKenobi
    2015-01-01 01:39
    Happy Birthday!
  5. monir
    2014-01-05 23:47
    Thanks Crow! Happy new year buddy.
  6. CrowKenobi
    2014-01-01 14:15
    Happy Birthday!
  7. monir
    2013-12-14 00:06
    NICE!!!! That was a good watch. I hope this trend continues for many more anime.
  8. CrowKenobi
    2013-12-13 23:41
  9. monir
    2013-11-23 23:33
    hohohoho.... Hitagi time just when I though this was going to be another horrid week of stupid recap. Not only that, there is Kaiki. I'm feeling all tingly. Hold me, you.

    Btw, I figuered you were busy with world domination.. why else the thread wouldn't be made at the usual time? So it's not my fault for the incorrect renaming..... No, it's not. Thanks for the edit.
  10. monir
    2013-11-07 02:48
    Ho ho ho ho! Look, we got a birthday here. What kind of party are you throwing? Either way, I am showing up on a skateboard. Bring your pet pig and your dancing skill.

    Happy birthday, sir! Let's have blast.

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