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Conversation Between monir and Skyfall
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  1. Skyfall
    2012-07-04 03:13
    Alive and kicking, not getting rid of me that easy! And "thanks" for the image, you certainly are upholding your reputation.
  2. monir
    2012-07-03 05:00
    Happy birthday there! Are you still alive? Here is some fanservice to commemorate the occasion.
  3. monir
    2012-04-22 18:28
    Remember the last time I was lamenting at the lack of ecchi anime that didn't blatantly selling sex visually? Well, after watching episode 1 of Upotte, I may have found one. Visual demonstration:

    The ecchi is all dialogue oriented in episode 1 and even those are merely implied, and open for several type of interpretation. Have you had a chance to watch it yet? Before you ask, the show is about guns. For a strange reason the first person that I thought who needed to know about this was you when I finished watching the episode. Yeap!
  4. monir
    2012-03-11 00:21
    Just finished watching episode 6 and had to uload my fascination for Asia. I don't know if she is observing the strict definition of what the purist consider "moe", but by god she makes me want to pet her head everytime she is on the screen. I was outraged ( yeah I know) as she was getting the snot beat out of her. Despite how the story made it clear it won't do a half-assed power-up for the protagonist without trial-and-error, I still wanted him to win against his overwhelming opponent. Asia deserves it. I am a fan.
  5. Skyfall
    2012-03-07 06:32
    If you survived Queen's Blade for a couple of episodes, your mind is certainly more tolerant towards perverted absurdities than mine. As expected of monir! But yeah, it was a horrible show that I dropped like a hot potato, and same goes for Qwaser ... what an inane premise, and that's even without getting into stuff like 16 year old girls who haven't even come close to the first base sporting canisters full of milk

    So ... yeah, I guess it really does come down to fanservice being fine, so long as the show doesn't hinge on it to keep itself afloat. Thankfully DxD has the plot to sustain it, and unorthodox way the female cast approaches the subject.

    As for novel material, there seems to be plenty indeed for another season (or two ). Preorders for DxD are looking quite good as well, so I would be very surprised if it doesn't get a second season - the material is there, and people want to buy it, so ... should smell like profit for whomever is the sponsor.
  6. monir
    2012-03-07 03:08
    Hilariously put! I also agree the affect of fanservice is played down a lot when those ladies in question are nonchalantly let our hero have all the boobs he wants. It's like teaching your kid about the harmful side of cigarette by making him smoke the whole pack in front of you till he loses all allure of smoking.... (providing he isn't addicted to cigarette by then). I thank you for the recommendation. I would have surely passed on it if it wasn't for you. Like I've said, I've serious problem with shows that pretend to have a story when it's selling point is nothing more than scantily clad ladies. Dropped Queens Blade in couple of episodes, watched in horror when it was more than clear by episode 2 that the whole theme about Seikon Qwaser was nothing but breast feeding, so now I tend to steer clear of anime with heavy dosage of ecchi. Those show would have been so much better if they dropped the pretense of telling a story all together. In that respect, High School DxD has a pretty good story with only one red dot, though like you've pointed out, it can be overlooked because how it is downplayed by the female cast for their nonchalant display of their physical attributes. My only wish is that some of those echhi that I once enjoyed would start coming back, but that probably won't be the case any longer if the present is any such indication. I guess I'll just have to be content with once in a while episode like Nisemonogatari 08. Btw, the show is a one cur. There will be a OVA episode coming out in the fall. I'm sort of worried the story will be left in a limbo. Judging from how fast the corresponding Novel thread is moving about, I'm guessing there is enough material to have another season. Whether or not such will materialize is another matter all together, so a satisfactory conclusion is a requirement, especially when the pacing of the story is this deliberate.

    Well, no rush with Chihayafuru. I can tell you one thing however, that once you start watching the show you won't be able to put it down. It is easily one of the addictive story I've watched in a while.
  7. Skyfall
    2012-03-07 02:43
    I understand your feelings of "This show has no right to be as entertaining as it is!" very well. Likewise, I went in with low expectations and thinking it wouldn't last for me, but it managed to grow on me very quickly. The fanservice is obviously there (no kidding ), but somehow it doesn't really bother me, the characters are largely great and the story is good enough to keep it all together.

    I think one of the main reasons is because DxD is based on a LN, not manga - as such it had to have appeal besides boobs to gather a following of fans. Can't really substitute all other attributes of a story with fanservice when you only have words to work with.

    As for why the anime's fanservice doesn't really bother me, I guess it has to do with how non-exaggerated it is on the female reaction side. It's certainly a refreshing change to see the fairer side of the cast simply shrug off an incident where they happen to show some (or lots, as the case might be) skin. The usual anime tropes would have the girl initiating a neighborhood-wide scandal if the male lead as much as caught a sight of her in her underwear, along with claiming the poor bastard's life with a tsuntsun punch, so things remaining fairly calm (besides Issei himself freaking out ) despite all the compromising situations Issei ends up in, is a nice change of pace.

    And then there is the fact that I find Rias having ample amounts of style and confidence. She manages to project an aura of dignity and calm even when sitting stark naked on Issei's bed in front of him. A refreshing change of pace as well.

    So ... yeah. This particular approach to fanservice doesn't really bother me, despite being pretty blatant, and the plot gives it all a decent focus, so it comes off as more than an excuse to flaunt female skin.

    As for Chihaiyafuru, I must confess this is one show I have been meaning to start watching for a while now, and keep stockpiling episodes for it (and that's a lot of episodes by now ), but somehow haven't managed to sit down and actually start watching yet. Perhaps I should bump it up the priority list a bit, I hear generally good things about it indeed.
  8. monir
    2012-03-06 22:28
    Finally had some time watching High School DxD. First of all I'm so taken aback by the fact that I would come to enjoy the story. I can't still get over it. I've gone into the show expecting full blown echhi scenes for no apparent reason with zero contribution to any relevant plot point. Well, the echhi is there. But then the story starts taking shape at a very deliberate pace. I'm at episode 5 and it is evidently clear this is a shounen series with a pretty decent story to tell with very good character progression set forth for the male lead. So I was very confused why the show would opt in for any echhi scenes at all? It doesn't need it! When a show is opting in for explicit stuff rather than implied, it usually means a show is fully aware that the story isn't really good and that only way to keep the attention of an audience is to go with low brow fanservice. I like it when those type of shows make it clear by episode 1, i.e. Amaenaideyo, 2x2 = Shinobuden, Eiken OVA, Gravion, or my favorite Ikkitousen (which all of us claim to watch for the "story"). This show, however, don't fall into the same category just because it HAS a story. So I didn't much care for the fanservice (aside for the poll-dancing ED ), but have enjoyed the story a lot surprisingly enough, especially how deliberately it has set up the pacing. Is this a one-cur series or two, cause I'm worried that it won't be able to wrap up whatever plot point it has in mind in one cur.

    Anyway, I'll continue to watch this, but this time actually for the story. Btw, are you watching Chihaiyafuru? This is one show that is truly a gem!
  9. monir
    2012-01-02 23:53
    Thanks Sky-chan. I'll do my utmost best to remain disturbing for years to come. I promise. Happy new year buddy!
  10. Skyfall
    2011-12-31 20:00
    Happy birthday you unspeakable being, may you remain a disturbing presence on AnimeSuki for years to come!

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