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Conversation Between monir and BleachOD
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  1. BleachOD
    2008-08-05 14:17
    I don't love anyone but me?

    Moni are you are narcissist by any chance? If you are can I call you ''Naru-Chan"?

    "I think you are good poster..."

    *Pouts* How would you know? You don't even read them in their entirety.

    At least read this before you delete it...Please?

    That's the part you misunderstand. I word my post to get rise. But I don't mean I want to provoke anger. I like to provoke thought. Do you know how many users insults I ignore or brush off..and just argue the issues they brought up?

    I would be lying if I said I didn't like to debate...I do. But I don't always feel like it. I am just an Otaku...I want to discuss the damn anime and manga. People who disagree are usually more vocal. People who agree ofttimes just say they agree or they don't want to expound. The bragging is just me. I am cocky...Also I like my posts to have personality.

    Sure I baited a few people but never did I single anyone out. *The Danny thing I did go overboard. I do agree. But I did tell him to leave me alone. He wouldn't so I flamed him a little. Do you realize he was quoting other users in those messages you deleted? I got name called like a mofo!

    When I committed acts I should have gotten banned for I didn't. I didn't even get a warning. Until the Danny thing. But that did seem to just criticized me for my behavior a bit (I deserved it). But it wasn't *SUPERMODGODMODE like*

    Now I said a I would own forum and if you forgive me for saying I would have had you not banned me. And you didn't mention the things I agree I should have been banned for. You only mentioned that idiotic Macross war...the one I did not want and was forced on me...I might add.

    However you misunderstood....When I said I would hijack the forum I just meant I would be chilling there a lot. And I liked the Knome-ers...they slay some users. I could TRULY be myself there. And when I say own...I don't just mean win.(I say that all the time!) I mean I will be a damn good opponent and make sure to think of plenty of topics...and I would make em love me *I know; wtf was I smoking, right? *

    So once again like in a certain Bleach forum and some threads...If I am banned, absent or present. My name is always in bold. I get negatives hurled at me all the time.(Kudos it's not all bad) People I joke with...Can all tell you...I pm them and made sure it was okay and they wouldn't be offended by it!

    I joked around with em and because they didn't know me...they not only maligned my character they did in more than one place. They specifically said me. That's the one thing I never did.

    I said I already own them...because I didn't even post yet and already they were hyper...

    I said I set them up... Just meant I posted in a specific order Alto first to see if they read it. They didn't ...My REAL first non BLEACH post...I want you to read it. They ignored it after demanding an explanation so I gave it. And I employed got ignored and they just got even more snide.

    So I posted Sheryl second to see their reactions. Because of lack of respect and just plain slander...It was incomplete...and because the second half would embarrass a few people. I didn't single out anyone. the satisfaction of knowing they must feel stupid is good enough for me. I don't need to publicly humiliate anyone to get my point across. I don't need adulation...My ego is enough for me (I do like cookies...I won't lie about that)

    because I study posters habits. That's how I know who will discuss what. I provoke people but I would much rather provoke thought than anger. I just believe WE ALL should have been banned not just me. I had people inform me. You know I am focused...I don't visit too many places here...except graphic artists corners...sig fetish makes me do so...
    I wouldn't have participated that much had I not been informed of it...

    I kept saying I really didn't care much, it isn't Bleach. But since I did malign a favorite character and as the #1 Ichigo fangirl I can understand so I said why I dislike her. People started thinking about Orihime and wigged out on me...yet you punished ONLY ME. Rules are Rules but they should apply to everyone...Not just one person because you feel they disrespected the character you are wearing in a sig. So you ban them :stare: (Yep I think you were biased in your decision.) That's just plain forum tyranny...

    Which is why I think that last ban was unjust and it's actually inconsiderate behavior towards me. And clearly says...I am not valued as other members, when we all should be treated equal.
  2. monir
    2008-08-05 12:50
    Don't love anyone but me, but I do pay my respect to good posters.

    And nope, I don't overlook because I hold myself as a decent reader. In forums where writing is the only way to communicate, most of us don't have enough command of the languge to inject all those personality crap. We aren't speaking to each other face to face so we can't hear the tone of voice, or see the facial expression and hand gestures, nor can we read the body languages. All of those element including many other tiny little things help us to interpret each other's personality in a face to face conversation. Even then we won't be able to understand someone with 100% accuracy.

    In other words, one's "personality" in a forum is how one writes. You are a good poster, so I think it's shame that you choose to word your post as such to get a rise out of other posters.
  3. BleachOD
    2008-08-05 11:44
    I still love you...(Your posts make me laugh my ass off) *I know you don't love me back*

    You got a job to do...even if I think you overlooked somethings...But rules are rules. I am just a rebel.

    Later "Big Bad Moni"
  4. BleachOD
    2008-06-30 10:09
    Moni! You are Sheryl biased too!! *oh the pain* Just as long as you understand I want to provoke discussions not people....that's a tiny lie. There are some demons I like to stab more than others....but it's all in fun.

    I didn't get my wig...they were out of the "Iman" The "Beverly Johnson's" are too outdated...
  5. BleachOD
    2008-06-06 19:30
    MONI! Where you been...don't punish me...

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