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Conversation Between monir and chikkychappy
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  1. chikkychappy
    2012-10-22 08:35
    Both F21 and I have been respectful in our posts so far. But I have one gripe: I think anyone level-headed enough can clearly see that F21 is basically just grasping at straws. She's just prolonging the debate unnecessarily without adding anything of value.

    I think this deserves a warning.
  2. monir
    2012-10-22 00:37
    If that's what you were doing, it would've been easier. Stay respectful toward other opinion even when you are disagreeing with them and you won't have any problem in this forum.
  3. chikkychappy
    2012-10-21 23:32
    so what did i do this time?

    i asked you whether i'm close to being banned because i don't know what is and what is not allowed in these forums. believe me, i'm not trying to bait. my last post you edited is acceptable in most forums i go to.

    i also don't see what's wrong with asking f21 to give proofs of these "posts" she was talking about. i also don't see what's wrong with pointing-out that she herself only noticed this a few months ago. again, f21 is saying she's not an expert and that her claim is "easy to deduce." i'm just pointing-out the contradictions in her statements.
  4. monir
    2012-10-21 23:26
    I take back what I've said earlier... you are close to being banned.
  5. monir
    2012-10-21 23:02
    You are doing alright. Just tone it down a bit on the sarcasm, so the other person behind the computer doesn't feel like you are making it too personal.
  6. chikkychappy
    2012-10-21 22:47
    how close am i to being banned?

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