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Conversation Between monir and james0246
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  1. james0246
    2010-04-26 02:03
    Thanks for the info...hmm, is there an emoticon for waving or hand shaking?...all I see are little floating piles of white poop...oh well, maybe next time...
  2. monir
    2010-04-26 01:38
    The thread starter sounds very certain about what he wants to talk about. If he is willing to be active in the thread to regulate the posts from other users so the discussion doesn't divert into the lowly VS. category, a thread can be made. I think it should be made clear to him that there is a room for misunderstanding for other posters who might take this thread as another form of VS thread. If he actively participate in the thread to thwart any misguided or unintentional attempt at diverting the topic toward a VS one, then by all means, have a thread.
  3. james0246
    2010-04-26 00:25
    Hey Monir, I had a quick question. I am unsure whether to make this post into a thread. As I stated, in my response, I can't help but feel this would simply turn into another versus discussion, but there might be some merit to the potential discussion anyway. If I could get your opinion, I would be much obliged .
  4. monir
    2008-10-15 22:29
    Loved your take on the thread how to debate properly! Very insightful.

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