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Conversation Between monir and Reckoner
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  1. monir
    2013-11-14 00:45
    Happy birthday to you, sir!!
  2. Reckoner
    2012-11-14 13:43
  3. monir
    2012-11-14 13:30
    Happy birthday!
  4. monir
    2012-07-08 04:48
    The question was answered 90 mins later. Good question!
  5. Reckoner
    2012-07-07 23:39
    Btw why isn't the Horizon subforum moved up to current series?
  6. Reckoner
    2012-01-20 04:37
    Monir you are someone on this forum I do respect, so let me be clear here, I'm not exactly naive about how my commentary often provokes aggressive reactions towards me. Hey, even the other day someone gave me a death threat in a rep which I did report to relentless to have absolved. All this because I dare push into uncomfortable territory.

    Some including you may consider it crude at times, but I only say these things earnestly. Terms I threw in like "lolicon" certainly are going to push people's buttons, but am I doing it for shits and giggles? No, not at all. I am approaching this issue because I think it's something that should be brought up. I am seriously approaching the audience here to consider what exactly the show is displaying on screen. Is it so bad to ponder the idea that there really are people who get off on fanserivce of ten year old girls?

    Yeah I also consider that sort of content to be quite frankly trash, and boy people never fail to get incited at having their dearest shows described as trash. Alternatively I could always say something like "This series was extremely displeasing and offensive to me," but like I said before, I think it's really letting it off too easy for me. For me it's better to call it out on for what I truly perceive it as.

    Anyways, about your point about being redundant... You might find it childish, but when I see certain posters being very dismissive and seemingly unable to hold together a real conversation, sometimes I do find it frustrating, especially when I feel there is intellectual dishonesty going on.

    I won't say your wrong by any means. I do sometimes make it harder on myself, but sometimes that is just the cost of actually getting in people's faces. I won't lie though that sometimes I act very immaturely.
  7. monir
    2012-01-19 04:12
    I've read you in many threads for a while, as far back as the days of Clannad. You certainly have strong opinion and aren't hesitant to express them. It's admirable in its own way. You strictly abide by your own set of understanding no matter what. Again, it's very admirable to try to express yourselves what you want to say without sugarcoating it. I also know that you are certainly not unique at projecting such personality in this forum. You will, however, notice that you tend to get a lot of grief from other posters where they are reacting negatively to your opinion. I'm sure you've wondered a few times as to why that might be the case. I think that's because there are times you tend to take your opinion a bit further than necessary in an attempt to cross your point. To requote my own post to highlight couple of your posts from IruPapa thread:
    Lets not kid ourselves here. There is exactly one reason why they have pantsu shots of these young girls, as well as that shower scene in this show. Regardless of what the main character is thinking, it's meant for certain audiences to get off on that type of shit.
    Because the show seems to be going for something more than just a trashy ecchi lolicon display, it feels disruptive to the story and also just very cliche.

    Also personally, fanservice of really young girls doesn't turn me on at the slightest.
    It was pretty clear what you were getting at in the post previous to the two above, but yet you still went on with those two posts. In a way you've worded those two posts are more than crude, and almost in the border of vulgarity. To put it crudely myself you sounded like a kid in a group of adults. It's true that you aren't attacking anyone personally in the above, but you are doing such nonetheless in an indirect manner. It's a generalization in the most common form which automatically alienates you and does not help to cross your original points. I simply feel as another poster in this forum that you don't really need to rely on such redundancy to express your opinion. Such wording are nothing but noise that helps to create more noise which in turn drowns the main point you intended to raise. Isn't that exactly what happened in that thread?

    You latest post in the thread in response to the user justinfire clearly outlines your thought, so it is very obvious that you don't need the redundancy to make your point. Naturally any time I see redundancy in your post and see people react to them for the wrong reasons, I'm simply puzzled why you choose to put yourself through it. You are obviously more capable than that.

    That's all.
  8. Reckoner
    2012-01-19 03:25
    It's not like we're all a bunch of young elementary school kids here who need protection from the evils of this world. I think people here should be sufficiently mature to handle a bit of brutal commentary.

    Ok to be less vague, no I don't mind. I'm perfectly open to it .
  9. monir
    2012-01-19 03:22
    May I be allowed to lay down my own candid observation as another fellow poster about some of your post? If I am, then I won't mind responding to you. I've no intention to make you feel belittled in anyway if I can help it.
  10. Reckoner
    2012-01-19 02:05
    Originally Posted by monir View Post
    It doesn't help when you are posting your views in the following manner:

    In some posts you come across as someone who is articulate and shows good line of thoughts. And then in some of your other posts you are just coming across as severely dismissive and judgmental. In my very humble observation, I think you should tweak your approach just a tiny bit cause you are certainly capable of it.
    Since it's a bit off topic took it here.

    Not sure if this is both a slight and a compliment at the same time ... But really I'm not so sure what is wrong with taking note for certain material in a show being both abrasive and crude. This show has not been so innocent with us for me to feel differently about it.

    I may sound crude in my description of the show, but I really think I've assessed it honestly for what it has given us. There has been worrisome signs that it really indeed may be the kind of trash you would never consider appropriate in any social situation. I'm sorry, but in no way do I see it as normal for a guardian to express some sort of embarrassed reaction at the pantsu of a 10 year old girl.

    There are so many things about this that just comes off as incredibly vulgar. So yeah, my language and tone in describing the show are not exactly the most polite. But hey, I am not attacking any posters, and have deferred all my comments to being about the show itself. I sincerely hope we are allowed to illustrate this about the show and are allowed to call it out on such stuff. Dancing around the show with fancy euphemisms or soft punches is not getting the point across enough, and really I think is letting it off easy.

    It's not like we're all a bunch of young elementary school kids here who need protection from the evils of this world. I think people here should be sufficiently mature to handle a bit of brutal commentary.

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