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Conversation Between monir and relentlessflame
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  1. monir
    2017-07-06 01:04
    Happy birthday! Hope you've a good one.
  2. relentlessflame
    2013-08-25 03:43
    You never disappoint...
  3. monir
    2013-08-25 03:22
    I owe you a birthday gift that is appropriate for your manliness. When I saw this I thought of you in that get up. You are such a badass!
  4. relentlessflame
    2013-07-07 11:03
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, and I look... forward?... to the tasty treats, I think... with a bit of trepidation.
  5. monir
    2013-07-06 01:07
    Well now! This is awkward. I'm not equipped with any of the fanservice that you adore, so what am I to do when words alone are cheap.

    Either way, happy birthday! I promise to serve up some of the tasty treats once I get to my own comfort zone. I also promise it will be as racy as possible, so it may meet your approval.
  6. relentlessflame
    2012-07-06 11:20
    I watched the video. Underwear as a metaphor for growing up... who knew?!

    Anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes! And yes, now that damn song will be stuck in my head all day too...
  7. monir
    2012-07-06 05:37
    Happy birthday! Do you feel like an adult now that you've reached a three decade mark? No? Well, I can help. I present the Pantsu Song. I promise you will feel like an adult after you've listened/viewed it. Feel free to explore the suggestion made in the song to free the adult in you. You may have to find/borrow a pair of panties first.

    "Pantsu nugeru mo, pantsu nugeru mo, pantsu nugeru mo, pantsu nugeru mo..."

    Darn it... now this tune is stuck in my head.
  8. relentlessflame
    2010-07-06 13:59
    Heh -- something stupid, huh... I'm sure something will come to me easily enough. :P Thanks!
  9. monir
    2010-07-06 07:16
    Happy birthday dear sir! Get plenty drunk and please do something stupid. If you need some suggestions let me know at once.
  10. relentlessflame
    2009-07-06 18:28
    lol - thanks, man. I'll have to see if I can come up with something worthy...

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