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Conversation Between monir and Kafriel
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  1. monir
    2013-01-14 15:33
    Good to see you back all the same!
  2. Kafriel
    2013-01-14 15:28
    Hiya back, I'm currently doing my time, only 174 days to go! Anyway, I managed to get hospitalized for a month, I'm allowed to go home 2-3 days a week...and of course, I must spend that time catching up to my extremely late anime schedule Unfortunately, following threads is rather hard this way =/
  3. Kafriel
    2013-01-01 00:12
    Happy birthday! ...and a happy new year :P
  4. monir
    2012-01-02 23:51
    Thanks Kaf! Happy new year.
  5. Kafriel
    2012-01-01 01:19
    Happy birthday, and a happy new year
  6. monir
    2011-12-27 01:44
    Merry X-mas buddy! And happy new year in advance. It's good to hear from you.
  7. Kafriel
    2011-12-26 15:03
    Late merry Christmas, Monir^^
  8. Kafriel
    2010-06-22 09:25
    My sources inform me that a Bleach 276 thread is in need! Who you gonna call? Well, I'm gonna call Monir
  9. monir
    2010-06-13 01:48
    More or less. VS discussion tend to degenrate into flame fest extremely quickly which is why we discourage VS topics. Also, thanks for the fast reply on my query on Halibel and her fetish for sacrifice.
  10. Kafriel
    2010-06-12 02:47
    Are VS discussions prohibited by bleach subforum rules or is it just for the Q&A thread? I tried looking around but failed to find said topic in any other section.

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