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Conversation Between Tornix and iamandragon
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  1. Tornix
    2008-06-14 13:16
    No, nothing like that. Just from reading the conversation it seemed like Blade kept digging himself deeper.
  2. Tornix
    2008-06-13 12:18

    I think you might want to quit while you're ahead, Blade Lord. You're fighting a losing battle when it comes to her.
  3. Tornix
    2008-06-13 00:36
    I dunno. I didn't see any problem with those metaphors.

    Anyway, it's great they finally announced Yggdra Union PSP on American shores. I might give it a second try.
  4. Tornix
    2008-06-09 16:25
    :shrug: Nothing really, I guess. Just something I noticed.

    It was a round number, though!
  5. Tornix
    2008-06-08 18:56
    I just noticed you've hit 2,000 posts. Congrats!
  6. iamandragon
    2008-06-08 15:48
    Should I just say 'thank you' or should I just keep quiet?
  7. Tornix
    2008-06-08 13:10
    I see, you're a lot better than me then.
  8. iamandragon
    2008-06-07 18:23
    Unless I'm mistaken, that was my first time saying a swear word out of my mouth--I have swore in the past, but it was on the internet, and intentionally, to create an atmosphere...
  9. Tornix
    2008-06-06 14:12
    Man, that sucks. I'm sorry to hear that you're stuck with some fairly unreliable people in your group. It's sad just how lazy some people can be.

    On a lighter note, that was really you're first time swearing? I commend you on lasting so long with how welcome vulgarity has become these days. Some of my friends are a prime example.
  10. Tornix
    2008-06-05 13:09
    I like the designs, of course. After playing several stages, it just didn't draw me in as much as Riviera. I think it may be that the system is so different from any strategy game I've played.

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