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Conversation Between mcruz1014 and qtipbrit
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  1. qtipbrit
    2008-07-11 05:39
    So I finally got around to watching the ending of DCIISS.
    Well, it wasn't bad.
    uh, t wasn't good.
    But it didn't make me facepalm like Code Geass' ending (which you should watch, most of the first season is great and the second season is great so far) or the last third of Death Note.

    Of course, DCIISS' ending is more meaningful if you've seen Higurashi, but it's still not very good.

    Stuff about beating... err, changing fate/destiny and the character who actually does draws a few parallels to Higurashi.

    Oh, and HAREM ENDING.
  2. mcruz1014
    2008-07-08 06:49
    Oh well thank you. I was hoping someone would remember.... because quite frankly I did not lol. But, yeah, thanks
  3. qtipbrit
    2008-07-08 03:20
    For some reason I was creeping your profile and hey, I just found out that it's your, uh, joining anniversary thing.
    Happy AS birthday?
  4. qtipbrit
    2008-07-05 10:23
    So how about how I haven't finished it yet but could tell from episode 10 that it would be hard to wrap things up?
    I thought it would be at least as good as the first season from the first few episodes, too.

    I see you've met Aporia, good guy.
  5. mcruz1014
    2008-07-05 10:18
    So about how the last few episodes of Da Capo II SS were epic fail. Its too bad, actually, because the show had so much promise in the first few episodes. It could've been the best iteration of the show yet, but I think that, as a whole, its worse than all of them.
  6. qtipbrit
    2008-06-17 17:59
    I know, your life sucks:
    Hayate: 52 episodes
    Higurashi: 26, 24
    Nanoha: 13, 13, 26
    Rozen Maiden: 12, 12, 2
    Shakugan no Shana: 24, 24
    That's a good 228 episodes to watch.

    And you need to watch the first Rebuild of Evangelion movie.
    Watch some of an episode of NGE then watch the remake twelve years later.
    Production values are godly.

    The current season sucks, too. Luckily for you, you're watching all of the better stuff except Code Geass R2 and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki.
  7. mcruz1014
    2008-06-16 21:06
    Oh my god.... I don't know how I'm even going to get started with all of those shows. I haven't even been able to keep up with the currently airing shows that I'm "watching".
  8. qtipbrit
    2008-06-16 03:51
    Yeah, we have new Asian friends over at the ISML thread.
    You should join us after you watch Hayate, Higurashi, Nanoha, Rozen Maiden, and Shakugan no Shana.

    What do you have in mind?

    If you leave it up to me, I might make some random ISML support avatar and signature featuring a bunch of characters you might not know about.

    And it was June 11th (I think it says on my profile).
    ...being on this side of 16 made me remember that I hadn't applied for a driving permit yet.
  9. mcruz1014
    2008-06-15 10:58
    ... and a belated Happy Birthday, though I don't know exactly when that was, haha.
  10. mcruz1014
    2008-06-15 10:39
    I know. Though you seem to be the only one thats happy about it, since KholdSecks doesn't respond to anything I send him these days.

    ... And I badly need a new sig/avi.

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