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Conversation Between Riful and chibamonster
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  1. chibamonster
    2009-07-07 21:55
    But of course! It is my favorite series. I just have not been posting recently.
  2. Riful
    2009-07-07 13:47
    hey, I see you're still into Claymore
  3. chibamonster
    2008-09-09 14:23
    I can absolutely remember the swarms of kids that attack the convenience stores, read the manga, and then buy an amino supli or something . And since there are "konbini''s everywhere you must have been really busy to take this long to get a JQ. I mean you can even find them in the garbage can sometimes. Or on the trains.

    The hottest place I have ever been was Kyoto. It was like atmospheric death with a wall of heat and humidity. I never got used to it, but the matsuri's in the summer were so awesome that it made up for it. One of my absolute favorite things about the different dialects is when a foreigner would pick up on a dialect instead of standard Tokyo-ben, and their accent would just be incredibly thick. I don't know why it made me laugh so much. I also got a kick of when people would use familiars with me when they were not supposed to, like a post office worker calling me "anta" and then almost pass out from embarrassment.

    Yeah, I don't live in Japan at the moment. I was there for a couple of years doing volunteer work, so most of my Japanese ability revolves around conversational skills. From your translations I can see your reading ability is way ahead of mine. I have to read everything outloud to know what is going on and I struggle a bit when reading sometimes. My reading is no where near as fluent as my speaking. My kanji is weak, which limits me to mostly shonen raws (thank you furigana) but I'll get it down someday.
  4. Riful
    2008-09-09 02:14
    hey chibi, sorry for the late reply. I was quite busy this month, couldn't even get my hands on the new JQ any sooner - that means something
    In fact I just moved to Kansai region, so I'm still getting used to it, especially the heat x_X But it's indeed very beautiful. Also haven't heard so much of Kansai-ben yet, with foreigners it seems like they try to talk very standard japanese. But I also think I prefer it to Tokyo-ben.
    So now you're not in Japan anymore?
  5. chibamonster
    2008-08-03 02:46
    Haha, I was wondering what you meant by West Japan, but Kansai absolutely counts . That means you are dealing with Kansai-ben, which I actually like more than Tokyo-ben because it has so much personality to it. When I first heard someone say "nakereba nara-hen" I giggled so much. I lived in the kansai for a little less than a year and I liked it a lot. It took me a while to understand the really old people speaking because they cut words so short and made them sound so dirty, but I eventually picked up on it. I also lived in Kyoto and Okazaki so I got some Kyoto-ben which was very refined and some Okazaki-ben which consists mostly of saying jan instead of janai. But the Kansai has a special place in my heart, especially because the inaka is so pretty there.

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