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Conversation Between gentlewater and Seifall
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  1. gentlewater
    2009-03-14 05:56
    ohhh that sad i was about to ask if you know the lyrics of ranka's new song and if possible translate it in english.. never mind what matters most is you're still miss you seifall!!!!
  2. gentlewater
    2009-03-05 09:47
    bwahahahaha.. i'm laughing so hard reading your page it seems like you and dex kun were having lots of fun.

    and i can't wait to see your video come on hurry up and let me see it i'm so excited now especially when you mentioned the gundam mood i love it even
  3. Seifall
    2009-03-03 14:46
    Well, I disagree with you, concerning Sheryl being a heroine at all. I know she is labeled as such because she scarred() so many people. That's the vision Ohnogi had for her by the way, not Kawamori, that's why she was slapped at the end.
    I searched in english the definition of heroism and here is what I found :

    Later, hero (male) and heroine (female) came to refer to characters (fictional or historical) that, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display courage and the will for self sacrifice – that is, heroism – for some greater good, originally of martial courage or excellence but extended to more general moral excellence.

    Sheryl was already dying and wanted to give up,if Klan or Alto wouldn't have been there she wouldn't have sing anymore. But she did it so I cannot say more about it .
    However ," the will for self sacrifice " FOR FRONTIER, NOT ALTO, did she show it ? I didn't see it. She worked for Leon of course , she sing on Battle Frontier and was in the front in doing so, of course.
    But why did she do it ?
    Actually it amazes me to see all of those people saying Ranka was the selfish one during the serie , that all she cared was about Alto kun Alto kun Alto kun ...
    Do you know a lot of heroine who will call themselves Songtress of despair ?! My god... I do not.
    Sheryl , singing on BattleF, being exposed like that doesn't enter in the definition of heroism per se why ?:
    - People call her heroine not because she did a heroism act but because she was dying ,therefore they sympathized with her because she was agonizing,blaming herself and not because of her doing a heroism act.
    You know in LOGH, the main guy,like sheryl is a handsome man, blond hair, blue eyes, and admired by so many. And like her he was dying towards the end of the serie.
    However I call him a true hero not because he suffered a lot and was dying like it's the case for Sheryl but because his deeds made me forgot he is dying. That's not the case for Sheryl. They insisted so much on her illness that her deeds were all focused on the compassion feeling that, we the viewers, we for sure will show to her character and not because of what she did as a main protagonist.

    You can compare it to Ranka:
    -She leaved for Frontier, not for Alto even thought she wanted him to go with her, she was gone at the end and alone .
    -She was the main girl who needed to prove her abilities from episode 1 to 25.
    Sheryl ? She was already beautiful,a famous singer...
    Her role was to show us how diffcult it is for a superstar to become a nobody and to learn what is love ? Are we just in a pure soap opera film like the famous young and the restless ? What did she do to be labeled as a heroine apart from living her life as if she can die anytime ? I agree in labeling her as a tsunderekko but heroine,sure as hell, she is not.
  4. Seifall
    2009-03-03 14:45
    I do think too that Ranka's look has something to do with the way they painted her role in the serie.
    And I think exactly like you when you say about Ranka: "to be involve in a love triangle where her rival known as “galactic fairy” puts her in a big disadvantage".
    That's here that you can see, Sheryl , since the beginning wasn't destined to be more than the singer who helps Ranka to grow up .
    Sheryl can be seen as a perfect traduction of the gyaru style , blond hair, blue eyes, make up, that's why at a certain level,she is more likeable to most of the viewers.
    She acted high and superior but it was fine and I couldn't care less except for the episode 11,and the famous birthday present that's it.

    Concerning the lack of character development, you got a point here.
    I remind myself saying that Ranka's behaviour in the 20 disappointed me and it was from my own obsvervation. Her running up (?) in those stairs ,her clothes,her saying Alto kun Alto kun, her skinny arms, all of those things leaded with the paroxysm of her seeing Sheryl in Alto's arms. This was the worst. I'm not talking about romance aspect here but about her character. From the 13 to the 20 it's a complete change in her character.
    I will not deny that it's the most compelling scene, talking about the ending of the 19, I'm making an amv which shows the compelling story of Ranka and her struggle between love and fate all that mixed in a Gundam mood I will send it to you too when it will be done,therefore, someday if you get what I mean
    But I was talking about her alone, when I said the 20 was the worst not about her relationship with Alto in itself.
    I do not think I was affected by sheryl's fan comments to the point that it will blur my own interpretation of Ranka's behaviour. But you said it yourself " I was very satisfied when I saw Ranka being so weak than seeing her acting as if nothing happened and put a brave face in front of alto because that was not the ranka I know";you are not the only one who was satisfied with Ranka being so weak, it gave some people a proof that Ranka didn't have a change in her character at all, that she doesn't deserve so much screen time compared to Sheryl.... The only point where I can agree with those people, is that Ranka didn't mature that much in this episode.
    After, of course she is not the one responsible for Michel's death, of course she is not the only one responsible in the destruction of the city, of course like you say, it proves Ranka can't advance if she loses Alto but why showing explicitly in this episode that Ranka will never get across Sheryl's image and what she represents in the serie.
    My real problem here is that with that slap Sheryl gave, all Ranka's efforts from episode 1 to show how much she wants to mature, how much she doesn't need Alto( that's why Michel scoled her in episode in episode 5, because she couldn't do anything alone, she didn't have the bravery to do so, like her problem with Ozma, she wanted desperately to call Alto. That was cute of her, and she did prove them wrong in singing What about my star, I like this clumsy but honest side in her character).
    However with episode 20, all of those efforts, I will not say have disappeared because it's not true, but they were reduced by Sheryl's contrast and Sheryl's imposing bearing in this episode.
    That's why I didn't like that episode and label it as the worst, seeing what prejudice it did to Ranka's character.
  5. gentlewater
    2009-03-01 10:00
    Ranka’s outlook appearance has something to do with her personality, she tend to look young and weak which only suited her role. But to be involve in a love triangle where her rival known as “galactic fairy” puts her in a big disadvantage. Ranka is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary face whereas Sheryl proves only what a galactic fairy looks like a perfect face with a perfect body. It would have been better if her character design to be a nasty but apart from acting high and superior she is just fine which is more likable to most of the viewers.

    Now, talking about lack of character development, is this your own observation or you were affected by Sheryl fans comments. I’m just surprised among the 25 episodes you picked 20 as worst coz that for me is one of the most compelling scene in romance aspect. It’s more of ending of 19 and beginning of episode 20 to be precise. For a ranka fan the character design at that point is no longer an issue because we already know what is ranka like and how she portrayed her role I had this better understanding of her character so it shouldn’t be an issue. Her behaviour, what made it worst? I thought she acted absolutely perfect for that scene. She was over the moon after the concert ended. We see her very pleased by her performance and how confident she was that even she gets the courage to confess her feelings. When she rushed thru the stairs she must have this dokun dokun moment or it just my imagination but anyway, she was full of hope and overflowed with emotion. For 16 yrs old to confess must be hard but ranka was so confident because Alto gave her so much support and hope. So, when she saw Sheryl and alto embracing together all her hopes were vanished and all left was feeling of despair, her dreams must be shattered into pieces. She no longer care about everything, she was numbed and yet she still in pain. The thing that Sheryl did was brilliant waking her up by slapping but afterward she comforted her. I was very satisfied when I saw Ranka being so weak than seeing her acting as if nothing happened and put a brave face in front of alto because that was not the ranka I know. She is the opposite of Sheryl it only proves in this episode. Sheryl can put a mask in front of alto and she can put a brave face even if she nearly breaking. But ranka is not that kind of person she can’t hide what she feel and it only reflect in that episode. I think this is one of the reasons why other wants ranka to be with alto because Sheryl can live without alto but ranka can’t. Do I make sense? Lol…

    As for being heroine I don’t see ranka as the only one when Sheryl appeared from the 1st episode she has this big impact so I thought that if ranka will not be the only one its better to be equal than being a supporting character which i’m pleased for the result the two of them were both heroine. As for being with alto yeah I agree with you ranka or no one.
  6. Seifall
    2009-02-27 10:55
    Hi and thanks too

    do you actually believe that the reason people didn't like her because of lack of character development?i still see it as just an excuse as to not liking the character.

    From my point of view, people who do not like Ranka ,didn't like her moe side, and prefered Sheryl's character who was more self confident.
    After, I think exactly like you here, the ones who clearly do not like Ranka advance the excuse of" lack of character development" to summarize her character, that's poor reasoning imo.
    There are two reasons which for Ranka is hated here :
    - She overshadowed Sheryl's screentime and character during the serie.
    -(and most of all)She is a threat to Sheryl's relationship with Alto.

    And if you think she is under develop in what way?

    She had the potential to become so much more than what she ended up to represent at the end of the serie.
    After the kira's sign and the risk she took to go in Galia IV,with the episode 13, the paroxysm of her development character and relationship with Alto , were the ones which showed the real characteristics of her role in the serie.
    But look at what they have done after,episode 13, it's like she is losing control to what is happenning in the story,with the Global,Vajra,Michel...
    Episode 20 is the worst. How they made her run in those stairs, her chara design,her behaviour, next to Sheryl, that was clearly unfair.
    She did her part yes, but she is the main heroin of the story and just to see how they made Sheryl's character to change from the Watashi wa Sheryl Nome in the 13(Ranka's raise) to the poor Sheryl who now is dying and the victim in episode 18(aka Ranka downfall), I can tell you that the so called rumors that you can read here aren't ones since I clearly stated that Kawamori wasn't that glad to see Sheryl's becoming more and more a character as important as Ranka in the serie.
    I said that Kawamori for sure didn't agree with Ohnogi's change of storyline which will belittle Ranka's character, people said to stop talking like I know the staff, that Kawamori was completely for Sheryl and followed Ohnogi freely in this scenario.
    Now I knew it, and the so called "it will be Ranka or no one" didn't surprised me even for a second.It makes me smile. Be prepared for the movie, it will be really interesting
  7. gentlewater
    2009-02-27 05:49
    hi seifall, do you actually believe that the reason people didn't like her because of lack of character development? i still see it as just an excuse as to not liking the character. And if you think she is under develop in what way? for me, apart from the outward appearance which obviously needs enhancement she is fine the way she is. She did her part and i think that's enough after all macross frontier is not all about ranka.

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